HIGHER MASCULINE REVOLUTIONThe next few months represent a period of unprecedented and rapid soul shifts for the men (MASCULINE REVOLUTION)on this earth plane who have elected, on a spiritual level, to raise their consciousness, to recall distant, eternal memories of spiritual wisdom and healing powers, they have been touched by universal grace.


Much, much will change, as a new wave of male spiritual pioneers re-claim their roles as guardians and protectors of the planet. At the centre of their desire for a new way of life and purpose is a very deep, very ancient devotion to the Goddess.
There are men that are designated to be leaders of a healing movement. This movement is created by men who desire a life of deeper meaning, alignment with inner truth, creative and regenerative solutions to challenges, confidence to listen to their hearts over their heads and the use of logical strategy in line with loving, compassionate wisdom.
Many male lightworkers are in the throes of enormous, tectonic movements within their energy fields. This will re-align them with sacred purpose and a higher plan for action. It will ignite long-forgotten fires of longing for deeper meaning and fulfilment within their hearts.
The Universe is beginning to sing their song back to them. They are finding reflections of a path, a route towards purpose, a torchlight in the dark. There are significant markers being placed along the way. These signs are given to show these men that they are not alone; that there is a plan for their lives that exceeds their mind’s limited perceptions; that miracles exist; that the divine feminine vessel has prepared space for them for aeons in order for this transition to be made into their authentic lives.
These men don’t want to be cut off from their hearts and intuitive voices. They are creating new ways to blend the two elements of the masculine vibration – head and heart – so that the Earth trusts them again with Its Heart.
These men are deeply sensitive to energy and they need to acknowledge this truth.
All of these men will need friends and partners who are self-aware, conscious, heart-awakened and intuitively intelligent. These men must be surrounded by champions of the Sacred Feminine codes.
A whole new collection of awakening masculine souls is emerging. With awakening, comes chaos, because the spiritual coma induces laziness, procrastination, denial, addictions, relationship toxicity, and all other forms of ego-control that would suppress true sacred masculine power.
When in spiritual coma or denial of the True Self, these men live overly comfortable, flabby lives of staying within the Known, the safe, and the predictable.
They may not ever take the risk of breaking the old male ancestral patterns of behaviour.
Then their Higher Self, if contracted in this lifetime, creates a spiritual awakening. The chaos ensues immediately as awakening codes flood in.
Chaos in the 3D realm is frequent; life changes, relationship break-ups, and collapses on the inner, emotional and mental planes.
Life suddenly demands that they ‘step up to a new level of action, consciousness and growth. The old patterns immediately become intensely stifling, suffocating, and unbearable to withstand. Change is inevitable, as is rapid growth and elevation onto the ascension pathway.
These men are all being contacted by higher beings and ascended masters because they need this spiritual support and energy transformation. Somehow, somewhere, these men will find themselves immersed in the sacred teachings that they have long forgotten.
The Universe will send these men the right people at the right time so that they can feel the support of the Divine Mother and know that She trusts them to make the changes they are being guided to make.
Creator and Author.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Global Consciousness..
Mike Harrigan.
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