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Creating Love & Light So Pure It Changes The World

light body

Creating Love & Light

Welcome to the new earth! Unless you’ve been asleep the whole time, you will have noticed a very dramatic energetic shift happening not only internally, but across the planet itself. Gaia is waking up and taking us all with her.

The magnetics of the planet has life purpose within it, that we all need for life. That magnetic field is related to what you think- consciousness. And because of this, individually, we can affect the entire humanity consciousness by what YOU start, by what you say, and by what you feel.

he key to all of this is love. The love from the other side of the veil that’s inside you.

Love is one of those concepts that are not really understood at a human level because it’s so many things. As humans, we use it to represent so many conditions and parameters. We often speak about casual love- “I love this ice cream!” “I love those shoes!” “I love him”. “I’m in love with life.”

Love is a form of consciousness, not an emotion.

Within a human being, love doesn’t just affect the chemistry, it affects your individual pieces of DNA (which are also consciousness). Love doesn’t trigger the reaction of a hormone, that creates a feeling within the body. It affects every cell, even to the DNA. And because of this, love cannot be defined.

When a man and woman ‘fall in love’ they actually go temporarily insane. It’s a state of consciousness that literally takes over your cellular structure for a while. As you sit in this energy for a period of time and allow it to mature, it sits inside you in a way that calms you and gives you a longer life. It goes into all the cells of your body in a way that anger and depression cannot. So it’s not an emotion.

When someone is angry, you can feel that. It’s an emotion. It has an energy field that you want to get away from. You can feel the dysfunction and it makes you uncomfortable. That’s an emotion.

But when a group of people are laughing, all you want to do is join in and laugh with them and be joyful with them. This is light! And it has an energy you cannot define.

It’s the love of the creator. It’s undefinable because it’s out of the realm of human understanding. It’s not of this world.

Love is Quantum

Love is quantum, it’s multi-dimensional. It exists in different dimensions. It’s so far above who you are or what you can perceive. Humans could never truly understand the depth of it.


The attributes of love are compassion, joy, and celebration- that creates light. The more compassionate you can be towards another human being, the more love is then produced and spread on this planet.

When we talk about compassion, we aren’t talking about sorrow. Compassion is to see God inside another human being, regardless of what the outside circumstances appear to be. In the compassion that you have for another human being, you generate more of it. The love that is generated becomes light, and that light is everywhere at the same time. It’s multi-dimensional. It can be everywhere at the same time, just like Spirit.

And you’re creating it.

Love becomes a tool of the creation of light- there’s a creation, harmony, and benevolence that we’ve never had before. A confluence of energies, and a coherence that we’ve never had before.

If human beings could laugh all day long, not only would they live longer- they’d change the planet entirely.

Laughter and joy are addictive. They’re contagious. They’re not emotions either- they ARE energy. And laughter comes so freely when you get fear out of the way. Fear and negativity create darkness.

The Duality of Light and Darkness

As above, so below. There is duality on this side of the veil as well as the other. But the duality here is a construct of the human mind. Duality is the personification of a light/dark balance WITHIN an individual. It’s the battle between the corporeal self and the Higher Self. It’s the balance that you obtain within.

People have been conditioned to believe that all the answers are outside themselves somewhere. They look to

the heavens for answers. They scream at “God” for answers and when things don’t go according to their expectations. And as we’ve discussed in an earlier article, God/Spirit isn’t who or what you have been conditioned to believe it is.

Spirit is internal and is always listening to your vibration.

Yet, people will go to buildings, wear special clothes, sing songs together, and ‘worship’- and then go out and live any way they want. It’s like they had this appointment inside a box that would erase everything else they’ve done.

It’s because you’re not understanding how duality works.

The Time Has Come To Choose Love

The question is: Where are you going to vibrate? You cannot sit on the fence anymore. It’s a personal choice. Where does your consciousness settle when you’re not praying or meditating. When you’re not ‘busy’?

Does it settle in joy? Does it settle in fear? Does it settle in complaining? Does it settle in self-worth issues?

Spirit wants balance. So what are you going to decide? You can’t sit in the middle and be balanced. You have to choose from.

Are you going to let the beauty of your Higher Self take over?

Most people are sitting in the energy of survival. You can let it go now.

What is your natural consciousness balance? Are you sorry for yourself? Is there a victim in there? Are you going to complain? Or do you see the beauty in you and the world that is God? Where will it settle? This is the ONLY question you should be asking yourself right now.

All you have to do is release all that was, that’s negative.

Positive affirmations of joy and love instead of victimization and self-worth issues. And not wishing you were better. Break the habits. Release and let it all go. You’re holding on to the old paradigms.

If you’re going to deal with old energy and expect old energy- it will come because you’re going to create it. Your expectations will be manifest, and you will have delivered what you asked for.

Whatever you’re worrying about, you’re giving power to, and that’s what you’re going to get.

When you dismiss that old vibration, lack of self-worth- you change the planet itself. You carry the lineage of the planet itself in your Akash. All the lives you’ve lived before. How many thousands of lives and individual people have you been? You carry it all with you.

Let it all go. It no longer serves you or humanity. Vibrate in love and joy instead. Let your consciousness settle naturally in love and joy and laughter. When you do that, you create a time reverse. It changes all 1,000+ past lifetimes. That’s really profound when you stop and think about it.

So where does your consciousness currently settle? Where will you allow it to settle now? Settle in joy, laughter, and compassion and increase your light so much that you change the planet itself.

From: http://www.divinitymagazine.com/

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