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Ascension Symptoms:

Ascension Symptoms: Signs Of Advanced Energy Shifts!

Ascension Symptoms: Everyone experiences these ascension symptoms, they are happening on an individual and planetary level.
Ascension is the expansion of awareness and acceleration of vibrational energy, pretty much creating a shift in consciousness.
When a life system on this planet raises its vibrational state from one energetic state of being to another higher one, it is known as ascending. In other words, it’s like tuning into a radio station, you can’t hear the radio station unless you tune into it.
Why ascension symptoms occur? Ascension is completely natural part of your being, it’s the natural evolutionary process. For the duration of the ascension process shifts are happening on all levels of your being.
As you shift in vibrational frequency your consciousness expands, you begin to experience symptoms on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As you embody more light into your being, your system begins a reboot phase, you are tuned up and upgraded. Old patterns you knew will fade away as your consciousness expands.

What Are The Symptoms Of Ascension?

If you are not feeling well lately but you can never recognize the reasons, then the chances are you are experiencing symptoms of ascension or better known as “‘ascension flu”. Irrespective of the name it doesn’t mean that you are ill. The symptoms are similar to real flu but the cause is never viral. As mentioned above you are experiencing physical and emotional sensations because of the shift in frequency of the planet and collective consciousness.

Physical Symptoms Of Ascension You May Experience

Listed below are physical symptoms of ascension you may experience;
Head ,You might experience headaches
Feel dizzy , Feel Lightheadedness , Ears , Popping or air pressure changes , Hear ringing or buzzing sounds , Earaches
Body Pain ,Back pains, especially mid-lower sections
Experience joint pains, Shoulders and knees ,Feel like you are in your golden years ,Muscles ,You might feel Weak ,Experience cramps and spasms , Malaise , Motion sickness , Feel intense nausea.
Sleep , You might feel exhausted , Restless sleep, your sleep gets interrupted , Insomnia , Experience Vivid Dreams, Waking up to urinate a lot , Feel hot and cold during sleep, Emotional Symptoms Of Ascension , Many people are getting rid of heavy toxic emotions by using anger.
These individuals are also suffering from shifts of anxiety and manic disorder.
If for some reason you are getting angry or anxious and you have no idea why it’s happening, or you sense your emotional responses are over the top.
Then it’s likely you are experiencing ascension energies, ascension symptoms , Emotional Symptoms
You engage in heated arguments or confrontations.
Anxiety , Manic Behavior , The need to remove emotions
Uncertainty , Twin Flame Ascension Symptoms
As you know these kinds of incarnations are exceptionally rare to take place in the physical realm, and when they do happen, commonly one partner is not on the right path to ascension.
Sometimes you just have to face what you feel, even though you have met them and the choices are not working in your favor, it may not be the time. Here are some good and not so good twin flame ascension symptoms.


Your chakras activate and you feel the effects of kundalini throughout your body. This happens when you feel connected to your twin flame. Soul Contract , You both new this connection would happen it was written in your soul contract. So both of you knew this meeting would take place. Upon meeting, you may experience ascension symptoms as described above.
Universal Consciousness , Another twin flame ascension symptom is that you might change, you may feel you are no longer just another soul on earth but rather a soul in the universal consciousness.
Spiritual Ascension Symptoms
Rollercoaster of Emotions , You might find yourself that you are crying a lot. Your senses have awakened, your chakras have gone through an activation, they are overpowering. In due time the chakras will balance.
Closer To Nature
Spending time in nature was not your thing, now you have a deep connection with nature, the shapes, and colors.

Dramatic Energy Changes

There are days where you have great energy and some days you won’t even get out from bed. Just roll with it, sleep when you need resting, be active when you have the energy. Within You, something has changed , Something definitely has changed. Although you look the same externally. You know deep inside something has changed, the real version of you is starting to emerge.
You Notice Patterns , You notice patterns that are recurring in relationships ascension symptoms .

Kundalini Rising And Ascension Symptoms

Symptoms When You Meditate , You notice kundalini symptoms when you are meditating, you feel tingles and muscle twitches throughout your body.
Sudden Rushes Of Energy You often feel sudden rushes of energy, you can sense explosion of light in the mind, followed by numbness or tingling throughout the body.
Feel Like Falling … You might feel dizzy, feel like your going to fall or even falling to the floor and go right through it. Feel electric going through your body, hear buzzing sounds, your insides shake.
Spiritual Unite
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