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Past Life Regression and Rebirthing

Past Life Regression and Rebirthing

Past Life Regression and RebirthingPast Life Regression and Rebirthing: Changing your Future Through Processing your Past

Moving From Stress & Stuckness to Thriving: Healing the Pain of the Past

Taking charge of our present and thriving into the future can mean we have to go back into the past – to clear out the clutter and let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore.

Have you ever wondered if you had a past life? A past life regression session could answer that question, and give you new insights into your present life that help you thrive. Stressed out and wanting to shift out of a stuck place? Rebirthing is a powerful stress management tool that takes you back to your birth, helping you release emotions from that time and to let go of fear, so you can live more of your true potential.

Going Back to the Roots: What’s it Like to Have a Past Life Regression or Rebirthing Breath work Session?

A past life regression session can help give you explanations to problems that have you stumped – whether that’s a stubborn physical ailment, a repetitive relationship pattern or just feeling like you’re not living the life you want to. In a past life regression session, you’ll be guided into a hypnotic state and helped to access your past life memories, re-experience the emotions of that time, and process what has happened so you can use the insights in your life today. You can also have a pretty awesome sense of peace and perspective from knowing, deep down, that you lived before and will live again.

Expect to lie down with your eyes shut for 60 to 90 minutes, and to remember up to three of your past lives. Before the regression itself, your therapist will ask you about your family and psychological history, and because it can be a pretty intense experience, you’ll take some time afterwards to ground yourself before you have to go back out there. One session is enough for lots of folks, but you may want to do more if you or your therapist feel there’s more to unlock.

A little skeptical about past lives? A rebirthing session (or a few) might be for you. Rebirthing involves using specific breathing techniques (like circular breathing) that help you access and release memories from your own birth. It can address problems like low self-esteem and lack of success in any area of your life – as well as help, release you from addictions, as shown by research.

The method involves merging the inhale with the exhale – so there’s no gap between the two. You might experience emotional release, changes of temperature and other physical sensations as you relive your birth – including feeling the sensation of being forced through the birth canal and all the vulnerability and struggle for survival of those moments. Because rebirthing is a cellular-level cleansing, it’s not unusual to exhale any an aesthesia that was used during their birth – with the smell of it present in the room. Rebirthing teaches us to breathe fully, healing our faulty breathing patterns learned at birth. We are then able to deal with strong emotions in our everyday life with more ease and peace. We get to have a whole new perspective on our lives. It’s not advised to try rebirthing on your own – a therapist being there to hold the space for any emotions that come up is a very good idea.

Getting Started with Sorting out your Past

Read more about past life regression and other people’s stories in ‘Miracles Happen Transformational Past Life Memories’. Look for a past life regression therapist here. Make sure you choose someone you feel a good rapport with and can trust, checking out testimonials and getting word-of-mouth recommendations if you can. A past life regression therapist should spend some time with you on the phone before booking an appointment, to make sure this is the right form of therapy for you at this time. You can read up more about rebirthing in ‘Rebirthing: Freedom from your Past‘ – or see this book list. Experience rebirthing breath work in a few private sessions or at a workshop with a trained Rebirthed Breath work.

Healing Trauma Through Regression 

Past life regression therapy can give us a lightning bolt of insight into all areas of our life, as we get another few pieces of the puzzle of why we are who we are today. You might find that the reason you feel so insecure despite having a happy upbringing is a traumatic event that happened in a past life. By becoming aware of past life events, and integrating the emotions into our conscious awareness, we can shift the dynamics as we move into greater compassion and understanding of both ourselves and others. Past life regression took on new life a few decades ago when researchers found that people can remember as far back as their conception – showing that, at least in theory, we can record events even without a physical body.

Rebirthing is connected with transpersonal psychology, which recognizes the spiritual side of life. The idea behind Rebirthing Breath work is that we still remember our birth experiences – on a bodily, cellular level. If our first breaths were taken in pain and fear, this is our imprinting for life – and can have a massive effect on us, causing us to struggle for survival or feel triggered by situations over and over again – without knowing why. If our first experience of the world was as unsafe, we could find it a challenge to trust – or blunt our painful feelings with addictions and other ways of suppression. Rebirthing breathing techniques connect the subconscious to the conscious mind so that we can integrate whatever’s leftover from our birth experiences – and move on. Radical psychologist Wilhelm Reich discovered that people hold their breath and limit their exhale to keep themselves safe emotionally – and developed a type of therapy that encourages deeper, fuller breathing. Leonard Orr later developed rebirthing breath work in the 1960’s/1970’s. Holotropic Breath work is another type of conscious breath work, started by Dr Stanislav Grof in the late 1970s, and spiritual teacher Osho developed Trance-energetic Breathing (or ‘Connective Breathing’) – a powerful blend of rebirthing, massage, bodywork and regression.

From Ancient Mystery Schools to Transformational Breath work

Ancient Mystery schools in Greece and Egypt practiced Past Life Regression, among other cultures. Regression work, in general, has Freud to thank, with his concept that we can heal by bringing the unconscious into the conscious. Psychic Edgar Cayce channeled the past life information of others in the 1920s and 1930’s. Past life regression and rebirthing breath work started to overlap when, in the 1950s, Holotropic Breath work developer Stanislav Grof found that you didn’t need LSD to reach an altered state of consciousness – deep breathing would do it. The work of Dr Brian Weiss was seminal in the evolution of past life regression therapy, and Past Life Therapy as a profession was pioneered by Dr Morris Netherton. Rebirthing was developed by Leonard Orr in 1970 when he had bathtub flashbacks to his embryonic experience. Later, the term ‘breath work’ was added. Rebirthing breath work has also been an influence on Dr Judith Kravitz’s work in developing Transformational Breathwork.

How will this help you to transform your problems and pain?

If you’re ready to let go of the past and move on with your life, past life regression and rebirthing are tools that pack a powerful punch.


BY Nick Jankel

Author, Keynote Speaker, Wisdom Teacher, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory

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