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From Coronavirus to Consciousness

From Coronavirus to Consciousness

With the widespread panic of pandemFrom Coronavirus to Consciousnessic flu in the air, whether creating the anticipated perception of illness in your mind to fight, track, and avoid around every corner, or symptoms that have you more sincerely worried for your wellbeing than ever before, there is always an equal opportunity to allow any form of collective hysteria to act as a wake-up call to greater consciousness — within you and the planet.
Of the many things I could say about this outbreak, I will say it is strange evidence of how quickly consciousness is already waking up worldwide. I am not suggesting that due to consciousness awakening, a dormant virus known as Corona has manifested in many lives. What I can point out, is how clearly the narrative of this global news story is being framed to put a lot of people into a constant state of fear. When steeped in fear, you enter survival mode where you must rely on the impulses and demands of your ego versus the instincts of your evolving soul’s wisdom.
While I affirm the fear of pandemic is more of a pandemic than perhaps any virus could be, it is proof positive, that as a last-ditch effort to contain the world from the global conscious assembly, an outbreak of fear has entered our local and collective atmospheres — to slow the progress of an awakening consciousness that cannot be opposed or denied. The faster consciousness wakes up, the more it speeds up the fabric of time.
The faster the fabric of time speeds up, the less time corruption has left to be in power and must be brought to justice by the awakening of free will that can no longer remain dormant or asleep. Using this notion of time distortion, those whose corrupt ways will not be permitted by the New Earth and our intergalactic soul tribe, attempt to stay in power by slowing the fabric of time.
The only way to slow the fabric of time is to pause the evolution of consciousness currently awakening at such a rapid rate. And, of course, the most direct means of attempting this is to instil fear and confusion in as many people’s perceptions as possible.
I am not saying there isn’t a coronavirus. I’m just very clear on its purpose, higher than the agenda of those who wish to eek out a few more months of abuse against humanity. The fabric of time is a constant ticking mechanism of measurement, and yet, within each passing moment is a field of infinite spaciousness that can be moulded to match the whim of intention. This means a clock never stops ticking, but you can either slow or speed up the ticking of time to allow days to pass as seconds or seconds to span the dawn of days.
And yet, this slowing of time, an attempt to halt the awakening of consciousness can only occur, if humanity is more aligned with fearing the worst, than utilizing this climate of uncertainty as a space through which the consciousness of all continues to unite, assemble, and awaken as One. So how do you use this pandemic of fear as a catalyst for greater conscious awareness? Just as many are using herbal remedies to address the onset of any symptom, from a vibrational perspective, our first line of defence is gratitude. First, I’ll explain why this is such an effective tool and then provide an interactive mantra to help you anchor its frequency throughout your field.
In order for gratitude to be a remedy for fear, it has to be the opposite of fear in some way. When deconstructing fear, it is found to be the opposite of courage. Just as courage is the feeling of owning the beauty of your own inherent power, fear is a sensation felt when your power has been given to something artificial or outside of the effect of your will. Because gratitude contains a felt sense of celebration, through the expression of gratefulness, you are, in fact, stripping anything of the power you unknowingly gave away and reclaiming it as the embodied presence of your soul.
In order to anchor the vibration of gratitude, it must be authentic in its expression.
The only reason fear plays such a powerful role in anyone’s life is due to how authentically afraid anyone is capable of being. Here are some real-world examples of how you can authentically choose gratitude, even during uncertain times like these: Now more than ever, people are covering their mouths when coughing and washing their hands on a regular basis.
Without needing fear as a motivator, we can be grateful that such a virus has inspired greater mindfulness in cleansing ourselves and being mindful of the purity of other people’s space of experience. While many schools have temporarily closed, it gives families opportunities to come together and receive the emotional support that allows such a pivotal moment in Earth’s Ascension to highlight the importance of cultivating each relationship to its highest frequency of resonance.
Even for those who can’t afford childcare, there have been many teenagers in Washington state who have organized to offer free babysitting while parents go to work in support of their families. While there is obviously a strong vibration of mass hysteria, many are stopping to ask deeper existential questions that wake each of us up out of the narrative of a dying matrix, swiftly moving us over into parallel timelines of rapid growth, acceleration, and expansion.
While the matrix of an outdated paradigm was created as patterns of doing to such an unconscious degree, it made it nearly impossible for any sentient being to pause throughout the day and realign with Source in moments of restorative beingness, our daily rhythm of ‘do, do, do’ has been interrupted by an opportunity to dive headfirst into an inner dimension of being, where there is nowhere to go, no one to be, and nothing to do but connect, align, grow, and expand during this pivotal time of rebirth.
When you or someone you know is not so mesmerized by the changes taking place, it can be used as an opportunity to get to know who you are emotionally and vibrationally, which helps align the subtle bodies of your energy field into greater harmonic concordance. Lastly, when you express gratitude, you are acknowledging the presence of something as inherently containing value. Beyond each perception of how something contains the value in the outer world, the prime value in anything, including the Coronavirus, is the consciousness dwelling within it. When you react fearfully to any form, you are subconsciously asking that form to stay informed, so you can continually respond fearfully towards it.
If not wishing to react fearfully to any particular form, we implement the vibration of gratitude to acknowledge the value of consciousness within it, which creates a deeper relationship between you and the form in the view. When aligning with the consciousness of any form, through moments of gratitude, as co-creators of our reality, you are commanding the form in view to become its highest consciousness, which in this example, would invoke the coronavirus to dissolve back into its original form of eternal light.
To support your strongest immune system, wake up out of the matrix of fear, and reclaim the glory of your long-awaited courage, clarity, consciousness, and power, please repeat the following words:
“Thank you Corona Virus for being the wake up call this world has needed. Even just the fact that I am saying thank you and Corona Virus in the same sentence is already helping me dissolve spiritual superstitions that claim I’ll manifest what I speak out loud. Of course, such fanciful thinking could only be the inner workings of fear disguised as spiritual concept, and if I needed this type of pandemic environment to fully wake up, then so be it. Thank you Corona Virus for the mindfulness being instilled in so many beings. As we wash our hands, may we cleanse our realities from broken paradigms of corruption. As we explore more time for being than lifetimes of endless doing, may the world take pause from unhealthy habits of survival mode to explore life from a deeper state of peace, harmony, and oneness.
5D earthAs families come together, may it bring neighbours and communities together in intended peaceful assembly as our new 5D earth continues to be birthed in the glory of my awareness and presence. Thank you gratitude for showing me how to create relationships with the consciousness in all forms, so as not to be hypnotized by the power I unknowingly give to things outside of me. Thank you gratitude for showing me the power of my perception is stronger than any pandemic of fear. In knowing it is so, I allow all patterns, characters, and agendas of scarcity, victimhood, fear, abuse, survival mode, greed, and corruption to be cleared out of my energy field, returned to the Source of its origin, transmuted completely, and healed to completion now.
From this moment forward, as the co-creator of my reality, I command all power I unknowingly gave away to be swiftly returned to my energy field, strengthen my immune system with higher frequencies of embodied integrated light, as I transmute the echo of unconscious form by acknowledging and praising the consciousness within it. Because the consciousness of all is the consciousness I AM, I allow each moment of gratitude to return each form in view to the purity, holiness, and perfection of eternal light, now that I am ready, willing, and able to step forward as the truth and transmission of Source in form. May this intention heal my being, uplift each circumstance, and transform reality, for myself, my family, my relationships, my friends and neighbours, for humanity at large and beyond. Thank you gratitude for transforming Corona Virus back into the light.
Thank you for reminding me of the power that is always within me. And so I’m healed, transformed, and reborn as the light of consciousness I AM now.”
As we remember the word, ‘Corona’ means a crown, we are undergoing a radical process to ensure the fabric time remains accelerated to evict the old guard from a kingdom they no longer run. As each of us reclaims the power of our crowns, we are taking back the throne of Heaven’s kingdom from a pattern of corruption that was only designed by the highest consciousness to be the very catalyst of awakening waking up in you. It doesn’t have to be done with aggression or fear, but the courage of your highest truth that relates to the consciousness in things, no matter how anything seems or appears.
This is what it means to wake up from the matrix. If you are reading these words, I can confirm your waking up is well underway. Instead of fearfully interacting with uncomfortable feelings, physical symptoms, or scary news headlines, lets us employ the power of gratitude to unite with the consciousness in each form, so as to transform it back into the light by honouring the value it offers.
On behalf of the Universe, the Akashic Records overseeing the Earth’s Ascension, and all Galactic Councils holding space for the awakening sovereignty of each sentient being, I am here with you every step of the way.
Victory to the light I AM now.
All For Love,
Matt Khan
Matt Khan

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