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Welcome to the Past Life Test

Is your Past Lifes Calling You? Take the test

This free past life test will help you to decide if your soul is nudging you to explore your past lifes. The test is a series of questions to help you identify past life information… from the clues in your everyday life.

Wherever you are in your journey…open your heart and ponder curious things. Have fun taking the past life test and the past live quiz linked below too… and see where your heartlands.

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Where does past life information come from?

Does it surprise you to learn that piecing together your karma and past lifes is a gradual process rather than one big information dump? Well, this has been my experience, anyway.

While sometimes I wished that my past lifes would come to me like a movie in technicolour, with a tidy convenient list of the actors involved and our karmic ties, most often it came in bits and pieces. That’s why the first step of receiving your past life information is opening to the messages as they come into your life: which is what the past life test will help you do.

Here's the past life test: enjoy!


01. Have you ever had a dream where you woke up, and it felt so real that it took you a while to 'come back' to reality?

02. Do you have an interest or talent, that is very different from your family of origin?

03. Have you attracted the same painful, repetitive experiences again and again?

04. Are you a collector? Why do you think you were you drawn to your particular passion?

05. Have you ever felt 'dread' when you met someone, yet were compelled to get closer to them?

06. Have you ever been irrationally scared to lose someone in an accident (for example), even when you don't have a logical reason to be scared?

07. Have you ever done something completely out of character because of meeting someone (like having an affair, or taking risks that aren't like you)?

08. Have you ever watched a movie or TV show, and began to cry at a particular storyline? What character did you relate to most? There's your clue...

09. Have you ever been strongly drawn to a particular place, or a time in history?

10. Have you ever had a strong connection with (or fear of) a particular animal?

11. Did you have any unusual childhood experiences?

12. Do you have irrational fears or phobias about something or someone, that has no logical connection to this life?

13. Have you ever had obsessive feelings about someone or something, especially if you're generally a logical person?

14. Have you ever taken a wrong turn, which leads to an unexpected, beneficial or fateful event?

15. Have you ever had deep emotions about something or someone, without a reason?

16. Have you ever had an experience that was so 'strange' that you couldn't explain it?

17. Have you ever met someone, and been irresistibly drawn to them, a if there was something pulling you together?

18. Have you ever been relaxed, when an image popped into your mind: a face you 'knew' but didn't recognize?

19. Have you ever been strongly attracted or repulsed by someone you just met for no logical reason?

20. Have you ever overheard a conversation that came at exactly the right time for you?

21. Have you ever heard a 'voice' in your head say something that you had never considered before?

22. Have you ever encountered the same story theme again and again (say in movies or books), by coincidence?

23. Have you ever experienced déjà vu?

24. Have you ever had a natural talent for something that you had no training in?

25. Have you ever had someone say particular words, that stood out? Then did you hear these words again (maybe from someone else)?

Past Life Test
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