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Dearest Ones I am here with you today to applaud you all for the amazing work that you have been doing and to offer you some spiritual solace and practical help. Many of you have been feeling exhausted during this awakening period on Planet Earth. You have been engaged in a fight to wake people up to the darkness that has abounded the planet for aeons of your time. Beloved friends, we see your sadnesses and irritations when you feel as if life is not going the way that you wanted it to and you may be feeling as if the Awakening process is taking too long. You have the magic within
Some of you may still be feeling like a spiritual warrior trying to wake people up, you may be feeling so exhausted that you have almost given up the fight, you may be feeling very alone, you may feel as if you are a lone voice amongst friends and families, you may be hoping for a saviour to help you and some of you maybe be feeling all of these feelings at the same or different times.
Dear Ones we understand all of these feelings that you have been having. You are an amazing soul in a human body and you are allowed to have all of these feelings. This is a wonderful time to be alive on Earth but it is also a very challenging one for you all.
We offer some hope for you that ALL IS WELL and although it might very well seem otherwise, everything that is happening on Earth today, is happening for the highest good of all and is meant to be. Do not fear that anything has gone wrong when you see the fearful news that your Main Media is lying to you. Much of this is to deliberately keep you in fear of your future. Remember the dark side feed on your fear. They know now that they are losing their control over you and are very fearful of this themselves for without your fear they cannot exist.
Please do not fear for your friends and families who are still in the dark so to speak. It may appear as if they have not been listening to you but you have been sowing the seeds for them to awaken themselves when their own soul is ready.
It is time now to go within and work on yourselves to be the very best that you can be. Be as the Angels would be. Forget the talk and discussions with others still in the dark and just BE the loving soul that you are. Have compassion for others but do not try to change their own spiritual journey. Your friends and family will awaken at the time that their soul has chosen to awaken. At this time now, there may be nothing that you can say or do that will make the slightest difference to them. However, this is not to tell you to give up the fight but to change tactics, so to speak. We applaud all that you have been doing and you have all greatly helped the process but it is time now to think about yourselves and take a rest.
Meditating and working on increasing your energy is the way to go now. You will be clearing the last vestiges of your Earthly wounds from this and past lives. Allow these feelings to wash through you but do not engage with them. You may be feeling sadness, anger, irritation, exhaustion or many other confusing emotions. Allow all of these negative feelings to come to the surface to be transmuted. Please do not ask where they came from. Do not cover them up or push them back down into your body for they may well cause a dis-ease. By doing these clearances you will eventually begin to feel the peace and joy that is your rite.
This is your way of waking others now, for when you are in peace and joy, others will begin to feel your energy and come to you for help and guidance. Do not fear those who maybe be irritated by your beliefs or positive energy. Take no note of those who would argue with you and castigate you for your beliefs. You will be helping them in your own way but you do not have to be in their company and negative energy to do so.
It is time now to be like the spiritual warrior taking a rest the day before the final battle as in the Tarot card. My Dears it is time now to listen not to the doom-mongers and to go within to create and manifest the magic for yourselves. In my incarnation as Merlin, I worked with Magic and I can help you again now whilst you are awake and in your sleep.
Many of you know of the Violet flame and this can be a great help for you all as you navigate the process at this time. Archangel Zadkiel and I now offer you our Violet flame tinged with Gold and Silver. Surround yourself with this every single day for your protection from all of the negativity abounding around you. It will work like magic for you. If you use this flame sometimes it will even seem as if you are invisible to the darker elements around you. You will only be visible to the people who need your help. You will feel stronger and more able to cope with all that is going on. Meditate and relax in the flame and imagine a beautiful future for yourself, instead of fearing what may or may not happen. Dearest Ones this is our gift to you. Use it well and you will begin to feel more at peace within your own dear selves.
Many of you have been working with me for a long time and I love you all for your commitment to the cause. However my Dear ones please take a rest now. Envelop and surround yourself in the healing Violet flame. Send it to your own loved ones and to the darker ones in your meditations. You will notice the difference in yourself as you begin to feel more positive and as you send it to others you will notice a difference in them also. It will eventually surround the whole planet and cause the positive change that you so want for the planet.
I leave you now Dear Ones with Gandhi’s famous words.


I am St Germaine and I send so much Love and many Blessings.
Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius

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