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Dealing with Depression Due to Dense Physical Embodiment

Fascinatingly since writing my article on the Galactic Family of Light, I felt a wave of depression sweep over me from the field. It didn’t take too long to establish wherefrom – those beings that have become disconnected from the light, in this case, the reptilians. It may at times be affecting you if you feel depressed, and so I felt to elaborate on what I’ve been experiencing and how to work with it. I imagine many people feel this way sometimes in the 3D, especially now in society. ♥️

So the energy I felt was a sense of deep disconnect from the divine, a sense of unworthiness and also a deep emgrained tiredness from constantly fighting the “maya'” – the density. The most important thing is not to resist the energy you’re feeling, but to embody it and go right into the heart of it, even though it’s probably the last thing you’d want to do! And NOT to “medicate”! Meaning not to comfort eat, to distract, or to distance from. Instead I increased the meditation time during the day (also in the middle of the night) and extended the period of  fasting – it brings it all to the surface. At one point, even the feeling of self disgust! It’s certainly fascinating to watch – and that’s the important thing: to feel it, but also to watch yourself feeling it. Because ultimately you are not that feeling.

What was necessary was to deepen in the sense of the physical, which felt very disconnecting from the higher dimensions and also it shut down the streaming synchronicity I am usually used to experiencing. This part was not at all pleasant – feeling absolutely alone and disconnected in the density.

Here’s the crucial thing: in any distortive energy you might be feeling, there is truth at the heart of it. So sit with it. Deepen into it. Don’t resist, deny or distract from the feeling. You’ll likely want to comfort eat, to connect with someone and distract on the internet. That’s understandable, but it only lengthens the feeling of depression. It buries it in the layers.

Lots of old aches and pains came up in the body. I injured a knee joint just by sitting and the back was aching like crazy in meditation – but never mind, the key is to always work it through. Not to succumb to it.

in the midst of a long period of meditation, a vision came to me: being a fish, at the bottom of a deep ocean, with practically no light, constantly in darkness, yet happily to live there. It was absolutely fascinating to empathise, and with that, it eased the issue with being so dense and physical.

deep sea fish

At this point, I became able to find the torus through the base chakra. Eureka. That was what I was looking for. As you approach and deepen into the void, you become increasingly as-One. You are alone. It can feel tremendously dense with the gravitational force. Yet there’s awesome coherency with it. You don’t need anything or anyone. It’s absolutely awesomely okay. And that’s where you find the light again!!

To be clear, each chakra connects into this torus, and so as you approach it through a particular chakra, you’ll get a different experience of the Sacred Ground of Being – like journeying through the “underworld” to get there for example, which the Mayans called “The Road to Xibalba”. My point is, that for anyone who feels depression, then at the heart of the feeling, there is divine truth. In the last couple of days I heard Tyson Fury, world heavyweight boxing champion, speaking of his challenges with deperession – I instantly could recognise and empathise with the sense of disconnect and isolation with being in the dense physical.

You’ve got to sit in it. Not distract. Go right into the heart of it. In so doing, for me, things have now eased off and I’ve been able to integrate that deepest physical sense of the torus and a different way of connecting to the divine – more through the sense of physical nature. Again it illuminates the importance of not attaching to “the light”, in the sense of the higher dimensional out-of-body feeling. I also experienced a wave of reptilian energy coming through me and reconnecting with the creator source of the Torus during this time – reflected as dragons in the clouds. So it was a powerful experience all around.

I felt it important to share in case you’re also feeling anything like I described and how you might work with it. There’s also some further insight in my article above…

Understanding the Root Cause of Depression to Effectively Deal with it

And also a deeper understanding of the nature of the Universal Torus, because this is crucial to being able to embody light through all experiences and not resisting the density…

How to Align yourself with the Universal Torus Flow in Daily Life

Finally, no one is exempt from the Galactic Family of Light! It’s about connection to the divine source, in whatever density, and expressing that authentically.


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