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Your Soul's Journey

What is Your Soul’s Journey (And Where is Your Final Destination?)

Your Soul's JourneyYour soul.

Where do you want it to take you?

Do you want to know?

It’s taking you everywhere. It’s the leading light that’s guiding you from lifetime to lifetime via the spirit world and has a hand in every inspired decision you’ve ever made.

What is your soul’s journey?

It’s the journey of many lifetimes, stretching over aeons of time.

Every action you take, every word you speak is a contributing part. The real question of the soul’s journey isn’t about what defines it. The question is, how are you going to define yours?

If you become aware of that inner voice, you’ll find yourself in places you never imagined.

Just allow yourself to be guided.

Your soul never lies…

What is the Journey of a Soul?

journey of the soul

Your soul’s journey is the path you take from conception to a fully empowered creator being. It’s the overarching narrative that includes both your physical incarnations and your life within the spirit world.

The path each soul takes will be unique. There is no set course that has to be followed. Each of us is born with a unique set of traits that marks us out as being better suited for some tasks than others. Some will be teachers, oracles and seers. Others will specialise in the arts and so on…

The diversity of soul paths is near limitless. You can choose to specialise in any area you want. You can change course, take on multiple interests, diverge from what is expected of you at every turn and create your own narrative for how you want to progress. It’s entirely within your free will.

Soul Journey vs Spiritual Journey: How They’re Both Separate and Connected

Your spiritual and soul’s journeys are closely related and are both a part of the same whole. But there are some key differences between the two. Your spiritual journey is largely concerned with your path throughout each physical incarnation. It’s the path of the “I AM” expression of your soul consciousness.

Your spiritual journey is a gradual awakening process. You come into each new life in a state of amnesia, tasked with the mission of remembering your divine origins. It’s the reason why you continue to reincarnate lifetime after lifetime. By transcending the limitations of your physical body, you can realise your unlimited potential.

This part of your development is about introspection. It’s where most of the grunt work is done that contributes to your soul’s journey. Being on a spiritual path is about introspection, doing deep inner work and discovering your true essence. It’s about you and your journey. That doesn’t mean it’s selfish or self-centred in a negative light. It’s simply self-focused.

The way you progress on your spiritual path is through tackling the immediate challenges that are holding you back. These are usually mental and emotional and relate to your interpersonal relationships and how you perceive your self-worth. The more layers you peel away of instant gratification, judgment and anger, the quicker you’ll go through the great remembering of who you are.

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