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conflict or challenge

Don’t rush into anything – Trust

conflict or challengeDon’t rush into anything you may later feel was never right for you. Trust in your first gut reaction.
You can navigate any conflict or challenge beautifully right now when you are led by your inner guidance. There is no need to declare your position or justify your feelings if that isn’t sitting right with you at this moment, just quietly trust your own path and maintain an open and receptive state so you can follow the flow and find your way forward.
Don’t allow comparison to creep in, the thought that you need to be more assertive, more vocal, more available is just an illusion. Your unique gifts of thoughtful and considered wisdom and understanding are what will bring you to the destination that you’re seeking.
There is no weakness in following your heart. It’s more powerful energy than any external guidance you will receive but you’re being asked to be objective and discerning.
A defensive or hostile stance will not deliver you the justice, the emotional connection or fulfilment you are seeking right now, being true to your own compassionate nature and coming from a place of inner balance is the answer.
Don’t seek validation for your actions, but trust that you will see the impact of your energy and you will benefit in greater ways than you can see and even than you are asking for right now as things move in divine times.
There are no sentences that should begin with “Just”
I’m “just checking, I’m just asking, I’m just making sure…they all start with an apology which is not yours to make. Rise up and speak from your truth.
There are no wrong roads to take, each one is beautifully crafted by you and your energy, each challenge is the illumination from inside for you to heal something that is holding you back. It’s time to shift your perspective on everything and then feel the sense of freedom and liberation that brings you.
Bright Blessings
Romy Wyser

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