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Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra: The Thousand Petal Lotus of Spirit

Crown Chakra

Seventh Dimensional Chakra: (Crown Chakra):
It is associated with the colour Violet, Gold and White
The Crown Chakra carries the energies of Enlightenment, Divine Illumination and God’s Realization. It is located on the top of the head and is the source of our higher consciousness. When fully opened, the Crown Chakra becomes the conduit through which our Holy Spirit, God Self, Christed Self, Buddhic Self or Divine Essence is brought down into our physical being. When all seven of the chakras are opened and aligned and we have purified ourselves and have become totally harmless, the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” are returned to us. (1 Corinthians 12)

Balanced Crown Chakra: Wisdom, Mastery, Unification of the God Self with Human Personality, Bliss, Intuition, Expanded Consciousness, Knowingness, Transcendence, Oneness, Deep Understanding, Service to Others, Spiritual Energy

Unbalanced Crown Chakra: Confusion, Lack of Understanding, Insensitive, Lack of Inspiration, Apathy, Greed, Overly Rational and Materialistic, Domination of Others, Spiritual Cynicism, Addiction, Attachment, Over Intellectualization, Disassociation to the Physical Body, God, Humanity, the Earth and the Animals, Desensitization to the Realms of Spirit

Trauma to the Crown Chakra: Forced Religion and Blind Obedience
Bodily Symptoms Expressing Blockage: Migraines, Inability to Focus / Confusion, Deterioration of the Central Nervous System, Emotional Depression, Desensitization, Lack of Feeling, Accelerated Aging / Deterioration of the Physical Body.

The Crown Chakra is often called the thousand-petal lotus. Throughout history, it has been depicted in paintings of Jesus de Christ, Buddha, Saints, Angels and other highly evolved beings as a golden white halo around their heads. When the Crown Chakra is fully opened an awareness of our divinity and the true essence of our being is understood and integrated. The crown chakra will not fully open until all seven of the chakras and corresponding energy fields have been purified enough for divine energy to be released activating the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a divine spiral of energy similar to a coiled snake that lays dormant at the base of each person’s spine (root chakra) until proper purification has occurred within a beings system for it to safely ascend up the chakra column. The crown chakra connects us to our masculine Father God while the root chakra connects us to our feminine Mother Goddess or Mother Earth. If the kundalini is able to move through each chakra and does not encounter any blocks it will move up into the crown chakra opening a pathway for each person’s God-self to descend into their physical body. Kundalini is the Creator’s energy. It is our divine birthright to activate this part of ourselves so we can become conscious co-creators here on Earth. When our system is properly prepared, the decision of our God-self washes over each of the seven chakras breaking the seven seals and activating the creation of our divine luminous light body. This prepares us to move forward into Self Mastery where we have the potential to fully activate and embody our Holy Grail becoming a Divine Enlightened Human.

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