Reconstructing the Self


Most of the things that happen to me depend on me and not on others.

I had to accept my own path to heal,

Heal so as not to dirty other hearts.
Heal so as not to hurt.
Heal so as not to give half love.
Heal to not be conformist.

Heal to realise that love begins in me and not in other people’s gardens, much less in a desert one.

Heal so as not to destroy myself.
Heal so that my insides are clean.
Although my throat carries thousands of knots.
I thought it was almost impossible to leave old habits, I want to heal to forgive myself and thus let go.
I am always in this process but day by day I remove from myself what I believed made me suffer.

I am doing it, I am doing it.
I keep healing for the most important person. Me.
And so not to travel the same trails.
With affection, love and respect from me to me.

The most painful work is rebuilding yourself.
The Vital energy has helped me to continue healing, to continue evolving, I feel calm because I am aware of what I must heal, and I accept it … I continue to stand learning and nurturing my wisdom, infinite thanks.

Unknown Author
Artist Catrin Weltz-Stein

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