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Tapping into Your Higher Self

Tapping into Your Higher Self and Accessing Your Infinite Wisdom

Tapping into Your Higher SelfTake a moment… and acknowledge that by the end of this post, you’ll have a far greater understanding of how tapping into your Higher Self isn’t just possible…

But that is possible for you.

You’ve probably been promised it all before, am I right?

All the Gurus and self-styled ‘masters’ out there. They make the connection to your Higher Self sound so easy.

And for them, it’s something that probably comes so naturally – their explanations make it appear that there is nothing to it.

So you trust their advice, and it doesn’t work out. You question yourself and wonder what must be wrong with you that you can’t make that conscious connection to your inner knowing.

Let me reassure you… YOU are NOT the problem!

Let me say that again so it sinks in.

You are NOT the problem.

I can tell you that without flinching because I’m also on my spiritual path.

I’m not a guru or a master or authority figure within spirituality.

Far, far from it.

I’ve searched far and wide just as you have, and I’ve figured out two key elements that most of those who’re giving advice fail to communicate.

They assume what they’re saying will be just as easy for everyone else as it was for them.

They fail to emphasize that this inner work takes time to master.

Yes, you heard me. You need to practice. It doesn’t just fall in your lap. If that puts you off, then, by all means, feel free to turn back.

But, if you’re ready and willing…

Let me share the real-world way of getting in touch with your Higher Self because anyone can do it. You just need to be aware of the scale of what you’re attempting.

No amount of 10-minute YouTube videos will do the work – it starts and ends with how much you apply yourself.

Aligning with Your Higher Self

Aligning with Your Higher SelfFirst, let’s cover some quick basics before we move on to the technique I will share with you.

If you want to lay the foundations for creating an unbreakable connection to your Higher Self, coming into alignment is something that you’ll want to focus an increased amount of effort on.

You can think of Higher Self communication as the micro-level of your journey – the icing or the cherry on the cake if you like.

Alignment is the macro level of detail.

It is the sponge cake itself.

When you’re in full alignment with yourself, you enter into a flow state. It’s when you’re free of the major distractions and toxic influences in your life.

You become awake and aware of your inner being and the world around you.

You’re aware of your actions and their effect on your well-being and the world around you. There’s a sense of extraordinary clarity. It is being yourself in your fullest authentic expression.

Being in alignment is clarity in motion, and you’re never more aligned than when you’re connected to your Higher Self.

Now wait a minute, you saying…

“I need to come into alignment to connect to my Higher Self, but you’re never more aligned than when you’re connected to your Higher Self?”

Yes, you read that correctly.

First, don’t let this seem like you have to do this before you progress any further, and you have to be at a certain level of ‘mastery’ before you can attempt these exercises.

You begin the process of becoming more aligned by making better choices for yourself. You become more aligned by living from your heart-spaced knowingness. And then you continue that upward curve when you tap into your Higher Self, which helps you make even better decisions and align with your highest intent.

All you need to do is act more out of love.

But you can dive right into this exercise, and you’re encouraged to do so. Don’t put this technique on a pedestal; that’s the kind of thinking that has held you back up until this point. Your true power comes from your ability to take action.

So let’s get started with…

The Steps People Ignore in Higher Self-Communication

Steps People Ignore in Higher Self-CommunicationYou might be expecting this, and it might not be the exotic hack you were expecting, but if you want to give yourself the best chance of success, it’s got to figure in your preparation.

You’re going to struggle to connect with your Higher Self if you’ve been chasing your – proverbial – tail all day, are stressed beyond all comprehension or are otherwise just not present.

You need to ground.

Step 1: The Importance of Space for Effective Communication

Setting your space.

Remember, what you’re attempting is to open up a channel to your Higher Self. You should put the proper intent behind it – make it mean something to you beyond recreation.

Take a ceremonial approach.

That doesn’t mean you need to be overly extravagant. But at the very least, you should have a place where you won’t be disturbed for the duration. This process will take anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour, so try and find somewhere quiet.

If you’re someone who’s always in a rush, finds it difficult to sit down, or have any other kind of stress-related issues, burning Sage beforehand has a transformative effect on the space you’re going to work in – as well as your own mental and emotional state.

It’s one of the best tools to have your spiritual armoury.

Seriously. It’s powerful.

It’s something I rely on day in and day out both for my practices and before taking sessions.

Using crystals is another route you can go down.

Although, I wouldn’t place as much importance on them as the Sage. They can create a sense of co-dependency further down the road where you feel it’s only because of the crystals you’re able to connect with your Higher Self.

So just keep that in mind…


Step 2: The Body Scan Meditation

This is where you begin the process proper.

If you’ve decided to use the Sage, you’ll already be feeling pretty well-centred at this point. Regardless, this meditation is designed to ground you even more with the use of a full-body awareness technique.

Now, if you’ve done meditations like this before, stick with me because this is just the prelim to the full-fat version that incorporates deep breath work and visualisation to help you make the connection.

The purpose here is to shift your awareness from physical waking consciousness, turning it into your inner self and then using that as a platform for tapping into your Higher Self.

Here’s what you do…

Close your eyes and make sure you’re in a comfortable position.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Gently in and gently out. (Don’t feel you need to overexert yourself here.)

Just lock onto the breath and use it to anchor you.

The breath will be your guiding post throughout the rest of this technique.

So make friends with it, and it will become your greatest ally, for there is no life without the breath.

Take your time. I’m going to suggest five minutes as a benchmark.

The key here is to ground.

So for you, it might take longer or less time. Remember, don’t feel locked in by time. The idea with any technique like this is to move in no time.

After you feel you’ve given this portion of the exercise enough attention, move your awareness (focus) to your feet. You’re now going to sweep up your body, moving from body part to body part until you reach the crown of your head.

From feet to head.

For those who have meditated previously, this may be familiar to you, and for those who’ve taken part in a Vipassana retreat, you will most definitely be familiar with this meditation.

It is Vipassana.

The idea here is that you want to feel a slight sensation/vibration as you scan over each body part.

If you’ve struggled with this type of body-focused visualisation in the past, here’s a useful hack. Imagine you’re slowly being submerged in water, starting from the bottom and working to the top of your body.

Use the image of the water moving up your body to create the moving sensation of the body scan.

So begin by bringing your awareness to your feet, breathing into this area (you’re stepping into the water)

Then, into your calves and your knees. (You’re walking into the ocean.)

Take your time and give each area its full attention.

Just allow yourself to become mindful of these parts of the body, as you gently scan upwards.

Then move onto your thighs and into your pelvis, regulating your breathing as you do. (the water is at waist height now)

Focusing on the breath…

Grounding more and more into your body as you do.

Take full, deep breaths as you breathe into the torso area now.

The lower back… middle back, and upper back (as the water continues to submerge your body)

Breathe into the arms – breathe into the entire body.

As you scan up to your neck through to your face and as you finally reach your crown, allow yourself to visualise a golden light entering into the top of your head and just hold this visualisation.

Hold yourself there – grounded; in full alignment with yourself, and just appreciate the sense of space and calmness you’ve created for yourself.

Because we’re now going to move up a level by…

Connect with Your Higher Self (In 15 Minutes)

The Golden Light Technique: How to Connect with Your Higher Self (In 15 Minutes)

So now you’ve primed your engines, and you’re ready to pull the trigger

Be aware there will be some turbulence.

The next part of the meditation combines two actions.

You’re now going to engage with the breath, breathing in as much air as you can in one inhalation before exhaling completely.

At the same time, as you draw each breath in, you’re going to visualise a golden light that is beaming down onto the top of your crown chakra, which enters through your head, filling your entire body with this golden light of your Higher Self, highest light and highest wisdom.

Use the body scan technique from the previous meditation to visualise this light washing down your body.

The same as before, but in reverse, only this time it will be much quicker.

And also, be aware this breathing is meant to be quite physical.

In my experience, the harder and more intensely you inhale and exhale, the stronger your connection will be with your Higher Self.

In through the nose and out through the mouth, just as before.

This exercise can be done just through purely visualising, as it’s done with Beyond Quantum Healing, but it works in that setting if you have someone else providing the guided imagery for you. If you want to go it alone, you’ll need to put in that extra effort – at least in the beginning stages when you’re still finding your feet.

So go hard and go fast.

As deep as you can, and don’t hold back.

I’ll say that again just to emphasise its importance

Go hard and fast.

As deep as you can, and don’t hold back.

When I first used this technique, I would breathe in and out with long inhalations and exhalations for about thirty seconds to a minute, then over time, I reduced that to a set number of breaths.

First, it was 21.

Now I’ve reduced it to 11.

I’ve also experimented with 9 and 7 breaths, but I feel the bare minimum is 11 long, deep breaths in, filling up your ENTIRE chest.

Remembering that while you’re breathing in, visualise that golden light entering through the top of your head and filling up your entire body from the head down.

Once you’ve reached your allotted time or a set number of breaths, you’ll probably feel a little lightheaded, but there’ll also be a definite rise in your vibration.

All over your body.

It’s this raising of your vibration that’s going to allow you to open up a line of direct communication with your Higher Self. This is why it’s so important to engage with the breath.

It IS the exercise!

You’ll probably want to take a minute here to allow the energies to settle in your body.

But once you have, it’ll be time to start…

Communicating with Your Higher SelfCommunicating with Your Higher Self

As you’ll have arrived in a higher state of expanded awareness.

This is your chance to start asking questions of yourself and, by proxy, your Higher Self.

But before you get overly excited, it’s important to measure your expectations here…

This may not give the results you’re looking for the first time.

Remember, at the start of this post, we talked about the gurus claiming you’ll have this connection if you can do just this one simple thing.

The part that is conveniently left out is the practice you need to put in.

You are absolutely good enough to do it.

You don’t need to be special, a born psychic or anything else

But you do need to practice.

You probably won’t have full-blown conversations with your Higher Self, either. This communication will be subtle in the beginning stages – unless you just happen to be one of those naturally gifted people.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t, and I can still do this, which means so can you!

The answers you receive to your questions will most likely come in the form of either an inkling/knowingness/intuition as to what is the right answer in your first interactions.

But as you progress… you may hear the responses come verbally.

Again, this will not be like having a real-world conversation, these responses will come as sub-vocalisations. They will come to you in the same manner as your background mental chatter might.

They will be thoughts more so than words.

Now, this is the most difficult stage, and if you’re not getting immediate results, you’re likely to dismiss this technique as “just another spiritual practice that didn’t work for me.”

If you are struggling, try speaking your questions out loud and finding a way of recording yourself. The act of verbalising is a great way to break through the barrier of self-doubt.

Because be under no illusions; doubt is going to be your number one obstacle.

So it’s important to affirm to yourself you’re not making up all the information you receive because it appears to be coming from the same pace as your conscious thoughts.

This is where you need to use your discernment.

Here are some strategies you can use to start sussing out whether you’ve made the connection or not.

  1. If you’re forming a question or inquiry in your mind and find that thought is interrupted before you can even finish with the answer… That is your Higher Self!
  2. If you find that you’re receiving answers that are using language and vocabulary in a way that you would never normally do so yourself… That is your Higher Self!
  3. If you find the guidance you’re receiving contradicts your opinion on the topic you’re asking about… That is your Higher Self!

There are a few more points than this.

But to avoid overloading you, if you just use this 3-step process of discernment, you’ll quickly be able to determine whether or not you’ve made the connection.

Once you’re at this stage, it’s all about trusting yourself.

And that comes from the repetition of this exercise over and over and over.

Like a guitar player who plays the same solo until they’ve mastered it completely, that is exactly the attitude you want to bring to this exercise.

Practice. Practice. Practice

And that means you’ll need to b

Maintaining the Connection to Your Higher SelfChecking in and Maintaining the Connection to Your Higher Self

Doing this exercise is like creating a kind of spiritual muscle memory.

And extending the guitar-playing metaphor just that little bit further…

The more you do it, the less you’ll need to apply conscious application to the process.

In the beginning, doing this meditation exercise will require you to do each stage as it’s been described. Think of it as a recipe: if you deviate, you’re not going to get the results. Remember the sponge cake? Don’t follow this recipe and you’ll end up with something far less appetising.

But over time, you’ll be able to wing it more and change things up on the fly, add and subtract, while still getting to where you want to go. You’ll integrate your Higher Self into your conscious waking state, and the connection will come with greater and greater ease.

You’ll never truly be disconnected.

It can become as though you have a running dialogue going in your head.


That’s the route you choose to go down…

You’ll remember the earlier warning about potentially becoming dependent on the use of crystals. Well, the same can be true of connecting with your Higher Self. You can seek so much guidance that it becomes a detriment to your day-to-day life.

You give your power away.

You lose your spontaneity.

You lose your intuitive nature.

I tell you this from experience: don’t make the same mistake I did. I’ve learned to curb my reliance on actual spiritual guidance and now focus on other areas of knowledge that don’t involve life choices.

And this can be the most ironic of all ironies.

You look to cultivate a stronger connection to your Higher Self to feel more empowered in your daily life, but ultimately end up DISempowering yourself.

The constant need for confirmation and affirmation for all your daily decisions can be an easy trap to fall into.

Communicating with your Higher Self will be new and exciting when you first begin, and you’ll want to put it to use as much as you can and test the validity of what’s being offered.

Just be aware of the spiritual honey trap…

But the only way to get to that level of connectedness is through playing…

The Long-Game and Raising Your Vibration

We talked briefly about the need to raise your vibration in the exercise. But you can also work on this aspect of yourself by coming into alignment through acts of service.

If you’re serious about doing this kind of inner work, becoming more virtuous and being of service to others will help you immensely on your journey.

Because let’s face it, what is all this communication with your Higher Consciousness for if not to help make a difference in the world around you?

That IS the essence of spirituality. Helping others.

And you don’t need to be in constant contact with your Higher Self and access any kind of higher wisdom to do good.

You just do it.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Basic goodness doesn’t need a motivating factor.

The world doesn’t need more people closeted away in their spiritual reality, unable to relate to anyone else around them.

The world needs more people who are willing to take action and BE the change instead of constantly asking about the change.

Don’t get me wrong, these techniques are both valuable and powerful.

They most definitely have their place in your spiritual repertoire.

But the best tool at your disposal is always the love that you can bring to others.

Because spoilers…

That is the direction your Higher Self is always trying to lead you towards.

The true wisdom of the Higher Self is always rooted in love.

Written by Sam Boomer

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