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Your soul has a plan

Your soul has a plan in this lifetime

Your soul has a planYour soul has a plan in this lifetime. Each year it offers you a map through the cosmos. You return many times over to the same stars, the same oceans, traversing the familiar mountain ranges and trekking over the churned up soil you have encountered repeatedly through the changing seasons.
Meeting yourself over and over again until you find the resonance of your true self, each visit unearthing more trust and revealing more light as you dance with the divine.
Every connection with another soul acting as a catalyst for change and growth, to heal old wounds, and to call back your energy so that you become your own healing medicine, creating alchemy as you transform into a closer expression of the loving vibrational energy that you are.
A complex route has been walked, there is no doubt, yet no matter how many times you lost yourself, the story reset from where you left it and endlessly called you forward.
Pause at this moment to see how you’ve changed. It’s not only been about finding out who you are, it’s has been about remembering who you’ve always been.
Your heart has expanded through the love, the pain, the loss and the grief. Through the inspiration and the richness that has shown itself to you as you survived the most colourful mosaic pathway that has been your life so far.
Hold your head up, sweet soul.
You’ve changed and it’s a beautiful thing.
The Goddess Vesta enters Libra bringing focus and strength to the passion we have in service and the opportunity to forge deeper bonds in partnerships. You show up differently with others because of the journey you’ve walked, the experience you bring and the energy you hold. See the value in all that you are.
Bright Blessings
Romy Wyser

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