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Power to change


Power to changeIf the way the world spins pains you deep inside, you have the power to change it. If injustice angers you, use your voice to stand up for what matters to you. If you are saddened by suffering, loss of life, hungry children and polluted rivers make it your life’s mission to make a change.
Do not ever believe that you are powerless. Because you are not. On the contrary! You have the power to make this world right. Make it work for all. Make it work in such a way that oppression and inequality become ideas talked about in history books.
Today, you have the power to stand up for what is important to you. You are called to look within and be truthful to your Soul.
Never allow your truth to be silenced by the majority. This is not the time to compromise who you are. But a time to stand in your power and speak the truth of your heart.
Indeed, a time to question our truth. Is our truth truly ours? Is it what our soul desires? Is it what we truly believe? Or have we been indoctrinated to embrace a worldview that is not in alignment with our soul path? Have no fear! Look within. Excavate. Ask. Excavate again.
If you are here to change what exists, believe that you have the power to change what is insulting to your soul. History repeats itself and once again we are called to take a stand in a big way. It is a holy time to explore our “why” and be honest with ourselves.
To serve humanity is sacred work. The Soul Deep Woman came here at this time to live her truth. There is no “brand” that we create, there is no message that we share without analyzing our own values and beliefs.
If we claim that we are here to ennoble humanity, choosing to leave out of our conversations what doesn’t serve our “brand” is never going to create the results we want. Because we communicate through our energetic signature, our thoughts and beliefs are the invisible metaphors that bind us and allow us to walk as who we are. Before we say any words, our own truth walks before us. It opens doors. Or it closes them.
Today, do not fear to speak your truth. We can change what doesn’t work. Because this whole world is a social construction of someone’s imagination. It can be reimagined. It can be reconstructed. It can be rebuilt. It can be remade in the image of what is noble.
It can be restored according to sacred principles of justice, integrity and truth. A universal truth that can’t be shaken by greed, oppression and dehumanisation of those that don’t fit in the value system of patriarchal fear.
Do not hide what you believe. This is not the time to sit on the sidelines. All of us must take responsibility for our truth. For what we believe. Because we are all participants and creators of this world.
If you think that staying silent will serve your brand, think again! It will not. If we call ourselves conscious leaders, then we have the sacred duty to be on the right side of history and call out the ills of the world. We must be informed. Socially aware. Standing in our truth. Without compromise.
Today, be bold. Have courage. Live by your convictions. That’s how you make your soul strong, healthy, true, that’s how you heal the soul of the world.
Archaeology for the Woman’s Soul
Artist Mohammad Khan

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