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judged by the feather


How many of you are familiar judged by the featherwith the Egyptian principle of being judged by the feather? Most have but the real question is, do you actually understand it?

Let me explain it a little for you.

The origin of this Egyptian Mythology can be traced back to the Egyptian Goddess, Ma’at. Pronounced May’et.

Osiris, the father of Horus was the scribe of Ma’at. Osiris was taught these principles directly.

The name Ma’at is a very powerful word when spoken out loud. In fact, it is the most powerful spell that is known in Egyptian teachings. Words, when spoken have an effect on your reality. This is why the written word is referred to as “Spelling”. Essentially, by speaking you are casting a spell.

Just the act of gossiping about someone is enough to trigger an evil eye spell. Be careful with your words. Everything you say affects your reality and the reality of others. Creating ripples in space-time. Where there are no boundaries or limitations.

Ma’at, when spoken out loud is the counterspell to chaos. It restores peace and order. An Egyptian Trigger Word.

The Egyptian principle of your heart being weighed against the feather in judgement is actually a simple one but very misunderstood by the collective.

Remember that you are a SOVEREIGN Being yourself. You answer to nobody but yourself. I am God, you are God, we all are God. This is directly relative.

What this actually means, in layman’s terms at the point of the physical vessel expiring is, are you carrying around the weight of self-judgement, guilt, or shame with you or have you made peace with yourself for the way you conducted your life? Emotional Baggage.

Life is a learning experience. We all make mistakes. Lapses in judgement are how we learn. Experiences that we have had during our lives may not be your fault. These situations may be caused by the hand or actions of another but they can still weigh heavily on a person for a lifetime if not released.

Is your heart as light as a feather? This is why the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at is pictured with an Ostrich feather on her headpiece. A reminder of the importance of shadow work. Releasing this weight.

How do you release the weight, the emotional baggage that you carry around? It is actually a simple process. But it is a constant work in progress. You never really stop the accumulation of this baggage. As you live, the accumulation of this weight happens automatically.

Make a habit of doing this every night before bed. As it surfaces, clear it. This is what I do.

I light a candle. This creates a field of aether around you. Your connection with the source is stronger. The veil in this space is lifted. This is why you feel so calm and serene when sitting around a campfire. Within that field, you are closer to the source. The origin of all things. Light.

Identify the emotion that is attached to an action of yours, an experience, and tell yourself that it is okay to feel what you feel. The emotional response that you have. It could be one of anger, disappointment, sorrow, it doesn’t matter. Then forgive yourself for the part you played in the experience. Forgive anyone else for their part. Remember that forgiveness benefits the person doing the forgiveness more than the person who you forgive. Know that it is all part of the learning experience.

Every time you feel an emotion bubble up, tell yourself that it is okay to feel that emotion. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Forgive and move on.

This can take some time. Especially if you have a lifetime of experiences that requires releasing. If you are like me and you lucid dream, you may experience weeks of these experiences presenting one after another. In your sleep. If you are lucid dreaming, observe yourself, and forgive yourself and the other participants. Then the dream will change and another one will present for you.

My higher self is awesome. She whistles when something requires my immediate attention. Not just in my everyday functional life but in my dreams too.

This is how you release that emotional baggage. Lift the weight of your heart. So when your vessel expires, your heart is lighter than a feather. Your transition through the barrier, (the underworld) is trouble-free.

Does that monster in Egyptian Mythology that consumes the souls whose heart doesn’t pass judgement against the feather exist?

I have seen him in my dreams. He snaps at you like a crocodile. Except now, I don’t need to hurry. I don’t need to cross the river on the tightrope with him snapping at my feet. He doesn’t bother me. I can take the stepping stones across to the other side.

Do your shadow work. Forgive yourself. The only person you are accountable to is yourself.


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