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Acknowledging your soul


Acknowledging your soulPeople ask me all the time: “Why should I acknowledge the existence of my soul?”  Putting it as simply as I can, my response is: “We are spiritual beings in a physical body having human experiences.” Therefore, since you’re both physical and spiritual, you should honor all of you. If you go through life denying yourself the experience of combining the physical and spiritual, you’re likely to miss out on so much of what life has to truly offer. Why live a life that is half lived?

I think that many people believe that you’re a body that comes with a soul – when in actuality; you’re a soul that comes with a body. Your body is not who you are, it’s just the vessel that carries the soul so it can learn from its human experience with the time it is here on this physical earth.

Your soul knows what it needs and wants to learn during this lifetime, but so many of us ignore its prompting and nudges.

To help you to better understand how the soul works, here’s a simple analogy: Imagine an automobile of your choice. The outside or metallic shell of the car is your physical body, the driver is your soul steering the vehicle in different directions and destinations, and the gas that fuels the vehicle is your spirit. The spiritual force of spirit is what infuses and feeds your soul, ever pushing you forward, to strive to be all that you are, all you can be, and all that you hope to be in this life.



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