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Tough Times

Maintaining Your Spiritual Practice Through Tough Times

Tough TimesWhile our planet is ascending and evolving toward higher levels of human awareness right now, there are energies which flow, unfold and arrive during this period.

Although on the outer part, it might look like chaos, it is a divine order form; if we are able to learn to actually see chaos as the magic which is in progress our perspective is automatically going to transform and shift in the service of growth and healing.

Here are the five tips which will help us maintain our perspective spiritually aligned and balanced during stressful times:

1. Ask our spirit guides to help us.

Our spirit guides really exist. Although we have never seen, directly heard, or felt them, they exist. They actually have strict policies of non-interfering in what humans do, until humans ask them. So, we are supposed to ask.

We should learn how to actually ask for their help, and then receive that help with gratitude. When we pray, or we ask for help, we should surrender our challenge to our spirit guides and see what happens next effortlessly, without our assistance, suffering, or stress.

2. Stop and breathe at times of difficulty and ask ourselves what we need to manage at the moment.

Many empaths will feel like they ask a lot when they simply ask for some help. We usually fear being other people’s burden. However, we have the right to constantly support ourselves and give ourselves what we need to feel nourished, supported, and even loved right now.

We are going to be surprised when we see what our souls really need in order to feel much better, and we are also going to feel inspired when we realize that we are well-prepared in order to meet our own needs.

3. We have to remember that our lives are long and our forefathers went through some challenging times, as well.

We are going to find reassurance when we know that we aren’t the only people who struggled through tough times.

We will reflect on our grandparents, as many of them have struggles such as losing their homes, children, or health during their lives. We should call those strong people and also ask them if they can be there for and with us now, lending additional grace and courage.

4. We should learn how to entrain ourselves into frequencies we would like to embody.

We should learn how to naturally embody all the gifts or qualities we seek. We should entrain to such frequencies, which means connecting with their flows of energies and even attuning to their vibrations. After that, we are going to entrain those frequencies and start emitting similar lights.

5. We should take one minute.

Sometimes, we will need only one minute in order to think, heal, process, and clear our energies. When still young, we usually try responding accurately and fast even when we have still not processed the needed information to actually make informed decisions.

However, as we grow older, we are going to learn the Sacred Pause’s gift, which is the breath.  When we give ourselves space to breathe simply, we will have time to reflect.

We have probably all been in a situation when we overreacted to something, and then we wanted to take a breath to respond more peacefully and mindfully. We should create the needed space for ourselves without apology.

We should better delay and then respond accurately and calmly, from our heart, and also with love.

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