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New Light Codes

light codesOur Planet is about to go through a HUGE Metamorphosis and SHIFT in the coming months.
The Cosmic Doors will open fully on December 21, 2020, as our Solar System is BE-ing prepared to receive a Massive surge of HIGH-Frequency Gamma Wave Energies from the Great Central Sun.
These Energies are designed to activate dormant Strands within our DNA. The more Strands of DNA that are Active, the HIGHER the level of Consciousness of the individual.
Expect some Massive UPGRADES over the next couple of months. These Frequencies are designed to increase our Telepathic abilities and strengthening our Immune System. An Angelic Human Template is BE-ing Birthed before our very eyes.
Pay attention to the things that are surfacing in your life right NOW. Emotions may be running High these days as these HIGHER Frequencies cause Old Wounds to Resurface.
Many of us are experiencing an ending of Old Cycles in our lives which includes the ending of dysfunctional relationships, moving out of resonance with friends and loved ones, family and even our 3D jobs.
As we Activate more and more Strands of Gossimer LIGHT Strands in our DNA, We Must Let Go of things that NO longer Resonate.
Your ego will resist this change, but your Heart Knows you are moving towards a NEW Reality that is more conducive to your New and Heightened State of SELF-Awareness.
We are an Energetic BEings who is BE-ing “UPGRADED” from the inside and out. As Within… So Without.
Have NO Fear! We are leaving behind the old dysfunctional game of duality. The official dismantling of the Old Paradigm has BEgun already and will continue to Accelerate at LIGHT Speed in 2021.
These are the times we have been waiting for! We have trained for many lifetimes to prepare for this moment.
We, the Light Workers, and members of the Galactic Federation of Light have incarnated Here to Anchor this HIGHER Frequencies within our physical bodies in order to assist with the unfoldment of this Ascension.
This is the most important task at hand.
With Love,
Eldora and Siman

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