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Heart Chakra: The Heart of God

Heart Chakra: The Heart of God

Heart Chakra: The Heart of GodHeart Chakra:  The Heart of God

Fourth Dimensional Chakra: (Heart):
It is associated with the colour GREEN.

The heart chakra is located in the chest and is developed between the ages of 4-7 years. When the heart chakra is opened it holds the energy of Peace, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Honesty and Harmony. These energies cannot be fully felt, understood and integrated until the lower and higher chakras are cleared, balanced and activated. The heart chakra is the place of balance between our lower, masculine, dark (human ego) and our higher, feminine, light (God) selves. Our heart chakra is the entryway to our soul and it cannot be fully opened until we integrate the light and dark within us. We each need to accept and understand our dualistic/human/egoic/divine natures in order to reach a place of non-duality and transformation. It is in our heart chakra where we learn to embrace and love our vulnerabilities, darkness, limitations, hurt and pain so we can transcend the smallness of our human ego and grow towards something greater and more expansive. Our heart is our centre, our essence, our spiritual core. Once the heart chakra is fully activated, it will awaken our soul consciousness and the higher chakras bringing our Spirit down into our physical being. Our heart and soul is the bridge to the God Mind where we end duality of matter and Spirit unifying ourselves into a place of connection, wholeness and inner peace. When the heart is fully opened we remember our divinity and allow the love of creation to flow through us. We remember that we are God in human form and this recognition of the self also helps us to recognize the divinity in everyone and everything else. In this state, we recognize the interconnectedness in everything!

The heart chakra is the integration point between the upper (light) and lower (dark) chakras; it is the centre of our human cross or physical body. Every time we block a chakra we crucify ourselves, keeping us from fully accessing our highest soul’s potential and union with our God-self.  Because all humans have experienced many lifetimes where love has been withheld, we have an epidemic of wounded hearts that need to be healed. Because of this, we have created energetic shields over our hearts to protect ourselves. We shut down our emotional bodies disconnecting us from our heart centred consciousness and intuition allowing our egoic minds to take over. We closed our hearts and blocked the continuous flow of love from the ecstatic presence of our God-self.

Until the heart chakra is fully opened we will not be able to flow divine energy into our high heart or thymus gland where our divine spark is ignited and our Christ Consciousness is expanded. The “Return of Christ” is the activation of each individual’s Christ Consciousness which activates our Christed Luminous Light Body. When this occurs to every person on the planet we will literally create Heaven here on Earth. We are all Christed, regardless of what religion, or lack of religion we choose to follow. It is our divine birthright and we all carry the Christ Seed within our being. Once our lower and higher chakras are cleared our divine heart will be activated releasing the need to crucify ourselves or another and we will no longer need to carry the burden of our human egoic cross that creates suffering.

Balanced Heart Chakra: Oneness with Life, Healing, True Forgiveness, Courage, Honesty, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Boundaries, Balance, Unconditional Love, Faith, Peace, Compassion, Harmony, Openness, Balance of Giving and Receiving, Emotional Wisdom, Joy, Bliss, Expansion, Self Preservation, Self Love, Self Nurturance.

Unbalanced Heart Chakra: Withholding Love, Separation, Controlling, Demanding, Antisocial, Critical, Judgmental, Depression, Lack of Empathy, Lack of Boundaries, Codependent, Jealousy, Conditional Love

Traumas To the Heart Chakra: Rejection, Abandonment, Betrayal, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Grief, Sexual Abuse, Death of a Loved One, Divorce

Bodily Symptoms Expressing Blockage: Heart Disorders, Circulatory Dysfunction, Lung Disorders, Tension between Shoulders, Weak Immune System.

Many of us have endured difficult soul lessons in this lifetime due to our soul’s desire to clear and heal its residual karma and distorted energy from all previous lifetimes. Because of this, many of us have experienced great pain and disharmony. Once we understand that pain can be used as a catalyst for transformation and every experience that has ever happened to us was created by us for greater soul growth, then we can fully step into a place of complete surrender, acceptance and forgiveness. When we allow our hearts to fully open we create a bridge between our lower chakras and our higher chakras fully stepping into our power becoming heart centred conscious creators of our circumstances. We will no longer need to suffer the consequences of our unconscious creations. Once the heart chakra is cleared and opened, divine energy will continue to move up into the fifth chakra called the Throat Chakra.

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