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Additional Chakras

5 Additional Chakras You Need To Know About (Connect To The Universe)

Yoga Lotus Pose. Padmasana With Colored Chakra Points.There are seven main chakras that are most often discussed—root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. They are sometimes called beginner chakras, most commonly known and the first ones to look at when balancing a person’s energetic body. There are, however, five additional chakras that are located in between and above the seven, and these are just as important. These five additional chakras are your connection to the universe, and they should not be overlooked.

8th Chakra: Time Transcendence & Connection to Spirit

Location: above your head, above the 7th chakra

This chakra is your connection to other realms and dimensions. If you want to access your past lives, the Akashic records, or communicate with angels and spirit guides, this is the chakra to use. It is useful to shamans, energy workers, and intuitive healers.

Because it connects you with all of the parallel dimensions and every possibility your soul has to evolve, it serves as a tool to release blocks from this and other lives and timelines.
It also holds all of your karmic connections, some of which need to be cleared and released.

Finally, this chakra is your portal to new ideas, channelled messages and energy and spiritual evolution. It is the chakra of true creation and manifestation.


9th Chakra: Seat of The Soul

Location: above your head, above the 8th chakra

The 9th chakra holds the cosmic code to your mission, the soul’s purpose and divine gifts. It plays a vital role in shaping your destiny. It is said to be the easiest to access this information through the dream state, and the guides and angels use the dream world and this chakra to communicate with you. Dreams can provide symbols for you to interpret as long as you are open to receiving the lessons.

Three major human blueprints of destiny are the Creator, the Healer, and the Teacher.

Each of us fits into one, two, or all three of these archetypes. They are accessible through the seat of the soul. When you access this chakra, you will be able to feel strongly into one or more of these archetypes, and then pull in the knowledge to evolve in that direction.

10th Chakra: Earth Connection

Location: below your feet, below the root chakra; underground

This chakra is your stronger connection to Mother Earth. While the root chakra grounds you to the Earth, the 10th chakra brings you straight into its energy. This chakra reminds you that as much as other realms also matter, in this incarnation you are here on Earth for a reason, and you should work more with this energy and Gaia.

This chakra connects you to all of nature’s forces—wind, earth, water, and fire—as well as animal life, crystals and minerals, and the cycle of life.

12 Chakra System11th Chakra: Mind Over Matter

Location: above your head, above the 9th chakra

The 11th chakra influences your whole energetic field and connects you to the supernatural. It is often used by shamans to create magic and connect with supernatural forces and beings.

It is also similar to a few other chakras located above the head as it holds the power to access the Akashic records and past lives. This one, however, holds all of the knowledge for the whole existence of your soul—lessons, healing abilities, soul contracts, life purpose, past lives, and karma. It can help you remember your tasks in this incarnation as well as your soul’s grand purpose that stays through different lifetimes.

To open up this chakra, you must stay in the flow of life instead of feeding on attachments or fears. It is said that the additional spiritual chakras 8 through 12 can only open up in order, and it can take from one to seven years to open each. This may be why many people arrive to understand their purpose in the second part of their lives closer to their 50s. This is why it is important to start working towards opening these chakras early on in life—but be patient and take your time. All happens with divine timing.

12th Chakra: Universal Unity

Location: above your head, above the 11th chakra

This chakra is the final chakra to access in order to master your soul. It not only connects you to your purpose but also links you to an understanding of the whole human experience and the unity of humanity as well as the cosmic connection to everything else.

The universal unity chakra is linked to ascension. When activated, it can be used to ignite all of the other 11 chakras and get them to vibrate higher than light thus being able to leave the physical body and go anywhere in the universe as the light body.

Out-of-body experiences such as astral projection happen when the 12th chakra is opened—which can occur spontaneously as well as intentionally. Other abilities that stem from this chakra are instantaneous healing, telekinesis, and teleportation. It is the ultimate chakra for connecting with the cosmos and beyond.

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