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Third Eye Chakra

Spiritual Eye Chakra: The Eye of God

Third Eye ChakraSpiritual Eye Chakra:  The Eye of God

Sixth Dimensional Chakra: (Brow / Third Eye Chakra)
It is associated with the colour Indigo (dark blue).

The Brow or Third Eye chakra carries the energy of Clear Seeing and Discernment. It is located in the centre of the head in between the physical eyes. This chakra opens the door to our multidimensional senses helping us to move away from the dense limitations of an egoic, materialistic, physical world based on illusion. Once our spiritual eye begins to open, deeper spiritual truths will resonate with us and the veil of illusion will begin to deteriorate. An open spiritual eye reveals the truth of reality. Without it, empowered spiritual discernment is not possible!

A large portion of the planet has a blocked Brow Chakra. Humanity is very materialistic and is focused strictly on the physical world and what the physical world can provide for them. Because their spiritual eye is closed, people are unable to recognize their divinity. They fall into the ego’s trap of lack and disempowerment and try to fill their void with material gains, at the expense of others, while their soul is desperate for the spiritual wealth and nourishment only their God-self can provide.

Most of Humanity only believe what they see with their physical eyes totally disregarding the spiritual realms. In truth, we don’t even see with our physical eyes, we see with our mind. Science, religion and education have stifled our imaginations. We have placed ourselves, God and everything else in a tight, neat little box literally blocking the energies of our higher, intuitive senses. When this occurs, truth and discernment cannot be fully accessed. Therefore, we are easily misled, tricked and lied to. Restrictions in the energies of this chakra keep us from being able to get to the “root” of our problems, create irrational fears and keep us in a state of disconnection and separation from others.

Balanced Brow Chakra: Soul Realization, Spiritual Awareness, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Imagination, Discernment, Able to Visualize, Able to Manifest, Good Memory, Divine Mind, Wisdom, Inner Knowingness, Perception beyond Duality, Multidimensional Sensory System, Higher Psychic Senses, Sixth Sense, Truth, Vision.

Unbalanced Brow Chakra: Denial, Obsessions, Lack of Imagination, Poor Memory, Insensitive, Hallucinations, Cynical, Overly Detached from the World, Irrational Fears, Lack of Discernment, Illusion, Stuck in 3D, Limited view of Reality.

Trauma to the Brow Chakra: Invalidation of Intuition and Psychic Experiences, Living in a Fear Filled Environment, Rigid / Fear Filled Thought and Belief Systems.

Bodily Symptoms Expressing Blockage: Tension, Headaches, Eye Problems, Ear Nose Throat Disorders, Blockage of Physical and Multidimensional Senses: Touch, Taste, Sight, Hearing and Smell

The third eye chakra is related to the pineal gland, the Seat of the Soul. When it is activated, light coded information from each individual’s higher intelligence is downloaded awakening the superconscious mind. Deeper spiritual truths are attained, consciousness is expanded and the ability to overcome the human ego becomes possible. It is the ego that creates the veil between Spirit and man creating spiritual blindness. This veil keeps people from being able to perceive the higher planes of existence and wisdom keeping them in the illusion of the third dimension. Opening of the spiritual eye helps people to “see” the patterns, limiting beliefs and limited thinking that needs to be transcended in order to advance the soul.

How open and allowing we are, will determine the openness of our spiritual eye. It does not have to be fully open in order for us to begin to access spiritual truth and spiritual discernment. If you have made it this far in the book without discarding it, your spiritual eye is already somewhat opened. When it is fully opened and attuned we are able to see and communicate with angels, spirit guides and the ascended masters. The limitations of time and space are transcended and precognition and remote viewing become possible. All of these abilities are our divine birthright. Multidimensional hearing, seeing, feeling and touching can be achieved by anyone willing to develop their higher senses. Did you know your Soul has its own unique scent, sound, colour and vibration unlike any other being in creation! Some highly attuned souls are actually able to tap into that part of your being. Once we all open ourselves up to our higher senses, advanced powers of discernment will be available and no one will be able to lie to us again.

Unfortunately, religion and the belief in the wrath of God creates a tremendous amount of fear in people keeping them from accessing their already innately divine gifts. In order to open your spiritual eye, you will need to integrate your fears and have a strong desire to break free from the illusions you have bought into. Each of us is incredibly expansive multidimensional beings always connected to God. The greatest illusion we have ever bought into is the concept of separation from God and each other. Once we fully understand and trust that God is Love and is always with us, our fears will begin to unravel. Facing our fears and allowing the spiritual eye to open will allow divine energy to flow up into the seventh chakra called the Crown Chakra. Once this occurs, Empowerment, Divine Illumination, God Realization, Oneness, Unity and Bliss become our reality.


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