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The Truth About Past Life Karma that Most People Aren’t Willing to Admit

Truth About Past Life KarmaKarma has become such a throwaway term.

In some ways, it’s lost a lot of its original meaning. You’ve probably referred to something unfortunate taking place in your life as ‘karma’ on more than one occasion. It’s become a phrase that we defer to without much thought.

But there is much more to karma than just perceived bad luck. It’s not destiny or fate. Although it is closely intertwined with both. And it isn’t a malevolent force that’s sabotaging your life. What it is, is an immutable law of the universe.

Karma is so much more than a duality of good and bad. In fact, when you explore how karma works, you realise it’s a facilitator of experience. It’s only your human mind that attaches the concept of judgment.

The creation of past life karma is what keeps us honest on our spiritual journey. It exists as a concept, and also an exchange between two souls.

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