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love your body

Take care of your body

love your bodyYou must take care of your body; it is a storehouse of power, yet so often your beliefs stop the power from flowing. Your beliefs are literal programs that affect cellular function. Your body is a magnificent self-healing, self-repairing system and an organic wonder that you have yet to truly appreciate.
Clearly, your cells and organs, your blood and your bones operate with a spontaneous intelligence based on comfortable and familiar cooperation. Collectively and individually your cells know how to keep your body functioning, and if there is a problem, your body lets you know.
There is always a point and purpose to every illness as well as to the pain that may accompany it. Remember, your body is loyally mirroring your beliefs.
Feelings of self-pity, doubt, and worry send messages to your cells filled with announcements of helplessness and powerlessness, and in due order, your cells will align with the signals and follow these commands. On the other hand, when you choose to trust yourself, the conscious choice of this decision actually selects the operational codes of consciousness at a subatomic level, codes that maintain the probable patterns for branching off new versions of yourself.
The choice to inherently trust yourself activates a thriving version of life-based on a belief in self-empowerment. You are in charge of your life; feelings of tolerance, love, respect, sharing, caring, kindness, honesty, gratitude and forgiveness not only build sound moral character, but they also bring peace of mind. When you affirm your desire for a safe and healthy existence, your senses open to subtle new attunements that stem from a reorganization of cellular codes of consciousness. These codes activate programs for new and extraordinary perceptions—literally creating a new avenue of life for you to travel.
The courage to claim your self-trust offers a new form of personal freedom. The choice to create a safe, honest, respectful, and pleasant experience in all realities is entirely up to you. When life-enhancing beliefs are embraced, a distinct vitality exudes from your physical form, and you are wired, so to speak, to the max. An exuberant state of mind makes you much more receptive to the vibrant effects of the cosmic radiated energy. When this energy enters into your chakras, your senses are open to new realizations; you can gain a profound spiritual understanding of how events that have occurred in this lifetime are interwoven with events in other lines of time. Reality is fluid; time and space are flexible to change, conforming to the perceptions of the beholder.
Your perceptual shifts in the here and now actually ripple throughout the lines of time, broadcasting your selection of new codes of consciousness. And this is how healing along the lines of time occurs.
Events and experiences can always be reinterpreted because they are comprised of layers and layers of significant agreements; when seen from other perspectives, the hills and values of life take on a whole new purpose and meaning. The healing of the human gene pool is about releasing trapped pain and fear by transforming old thought patterns that contain restrictive attitudes and bringing a state of higher awareness into the body. Asking “why” you create something changes your brain wave frequencies to open communication with the cosmic mind. Seeking greater meaning reestablishes the equilibrium of the body’s natural power to cure itself; and from the bigger picture, on the playing field of existence, all healing is reinterpreting what you believe has happened to you.
Opportunities abound when you choose to heal your relationship with your physical form. The more you pay attention to and acknowledge your body’s messages, especially the “gut feelings” that come from the brain in your belly, the more you will learn. Intuitive intelligence is a natural expression of your connection to the non-local cosmic mind, which transcends space and time. Trust yourself and follow your finest instincts. Your body does not work against you; however, if you work against your body by belittling, criticizing, and devaluing yourself, your body will obey your strongest commands. When strong emotions accompany specific beliefs, the relayed commands always convey a sense of urgency, which quickens the manifestation into being.
The belief that “there is not enough time” will lead to a stress-packed life, and heart failure can occur if the command about time is the predominant or strongest message sent to the body. Holding on to the feeling of a “broken heart” can be equally damaging. The heart is the body’s timekeeper; every beat marks a rhythm that is entrained with the cosmos, in tune with the Womb of the Mother, the Galactic Center.
Path of Empowerment, The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak.

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