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Spiritual Contracts and Karma

Spiritual Contracts and Karma 1

Spiritual Contracts and KarmaSpiritual Contracts and Karma

We have the free will to choose. Once the soul decides to follow a certain path, the rest of our being must go along for the ride. Even if the human self later finds out that it does not like the path, the soul is committed, and like it or not, it will drag us down the path wherever it takes us. To hell and back if needed.

The time we were still ethereal spirits making plans to incarnate into a body, we made a Soul Agenda – binding energetic commitments, agreements or contracts which involved not just our self and Spirit, but many other souls who we would interact with during the course of your physical life (Future parents, partners, children, teachers, co-workers, friends, etc.). All those who agree to involve themselves with us then signed their names on an etheric document. When the agreed moment comes, these contracts are activated.

There are many different sorts of “Agreements” or “Contracts”.

Worldly Contracts

The first to be established is our “Worldly Contracts”. These form the basic physical structure of our outer life… such as where and when you are going to be born, who your parents are to be, what schools you are to attend and teachers you are to learn from, who you are to marry, who is to be your children, what work you are going to do, when you are to die, and so on.

However, the important or most important are our “God Contracts”, Karmic Contracts and Karmic Agreements”.

God Contracts

Each one of us holds within our being… reflected as the unique light of our soul – the varied expressions of our love – our very Selves. This “Love” is essentially our reason for being – our “Higher Purpose” (and if we could not give or “serve” this to others, that light and loving part of us would feel as good as dead). The soul’s heartfelt desire to serve this “Higher Purpose” in life is formalized in Spirit as one “Spiritual” or “God Contracts” – which is to say that you are wanting to partake of the opportunity to be a “Lover” or “Co-Creator” with God. These are the “Star Seeded Souls” – incarnated upon the earth to fulfil or manifest a certain divine duty and sacred purpose for the greater good. These beings are here to be of service to the Spiritual Hierarchy – selflessly helping their fellow humans be free from the shackles of soul slavery. As I have seen, these are the souls who are even remotely motivated or interested in following the healing path. However, this begs the question…

Why are we not able to know, express, or manifest our “Higher Purpose”?

The answer is twofold and very simple…

We are blocked up with karma, and we are in ego resistance.

Unfortunately (over many lifetimes) most of us Star Seeded Souls – that is, if this describes you – have accumulated our own “karmic” junk stored layer upon layer within our consciousness and energy fields, that our very being is not only hidden from the world but even from our own selves.

All this must be cleared first (through much purification and healing) before we can ever go about manifesting all of our spiritual gifts.

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