Letting Go of emotional baggage

Letting go’ Energy..loosen the hold of old emotional baggage

Letting Go of emotional baggageLetting go’ Energy..loosen the hold of old emotional baggage – Reading these words right now can bring emotional feelings. Many of you have been alone for so long, looking for something that makes sense in your life. You have been trying hard to understand with the mind what is it that will bring meaning to your life-trying to understand how life works and how to move away from cycles in your life that just don’t take you anywhere.
The pain that comes from being so separate and lost is sometimes intolerable.
The feeling of separation is the lack of connection to yourself-the Self. You just want all the struggle, fear, and pain to stop. You have been in this separation for lifetimes, and now we have been given the grace on this planet to move out of this separation, for the veils to lift and truly move into a new level of awakening.
You are moving toward you; you are moving toward the light of your Self, moment by moment, breath by breath, as you choose life and love. The loving element can come back into your life each time and each moment you choose to breathe.
Just take another breath, breathing in through the mouth, and letting go, breathing out of the mouth, choosing life, choosing love.
As you do this, the story of your life will begin to drop away. What I mean is that the story of your life up to this point will lose its importance. •You will no longer cling to the past but see it more as something that has brought you to this moment in time, and nothing else. A series of events that took place, that have given you experiences-nothing more-and from here you can let go and move on toward yourself in a new way.
In a series of steps that follow, you are going to begin to have a change. The first question is: Are you willing to allow the change? You don’t have to know how to go about this; there is no knowledge required-just a desire for the change. You don’t even have to know exactly what that change will look like. You don’t have to have these answers right now. All you need to know is that you need and want to change what is happening in your life that you are willing to change. You have an intention to let go and move toward opening to this new level of yourself.
Your higher Self will begin to set in motion a series of events in your life that will create change. You will need to open up and allow these changes, and for this to happen you must have a willingness to let go and trust. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose here. It’s time for you.
The “letting go” energy is powerful. It allows for change to take place, because as the letting-go energy is activated within your cells, the old (all that you have been holding on to) moves out, making room for change and for transformation in the cells of your body. As this transformation takes place within the cells, physical healing can take place within the body.
The cells density begins to change and this makes physical healing possible.
The letting-go energy also transmits throughout all levels of your life. It moves like a wave, rippling through all aspects, helping you break down and clear old ineffective stuck patterns. It opens up new doors and new opportunities where needed. This letting-go energy ripples out to all areas of your life, and you begin to receive your natural abundance. It allows for healing on all levels: healing in relationships, healing on the physical level, and healing on the emotional level. It is time for you to allow this for yourself.
One woman came to me for help. She was unhappy in her life; she had a job she was unfulfilled in and a relationship that was no longer working, and she was suffering from a lot of physical back pain.
As I spoke with her I found out she was carrying a lot of guilt around a car accident. This accident had happened 20 years earlier, and a person died in that accident. The accident was not her fault, but she was the driver and she had taken on the full guilt, blaming herself for not being able to do something to prevent the accident. As she talked about her experience and her deep feelings of remorse and self-condemnation, I could feel the dense energy around her issue and how she was holding on to her guilt.
Even though she could logically agree she was not responsible for the actual accident, she could not let go of the guilt. She spoke of not deserving anything good for herself, and that she deserved to be punished.
I asked her whether she was willing to work with the letting-go energy, explaining that it was an energy that moved through the energetic field and through the cells of the body, releasing any form of energetic hold. It would first loosen old issues, and then help these issues to move out, changing the energetic vibration of her body and within her world.
She agreed but wasn’t very enthusiastic. I told her it really didn’t matter how convinced she was; all that mattered was that she would say yes, and just open up to the experience. So I worked with her opening up the letting-go energy process. She promised to be committed during the actual process, and that was all I needed to be able to activate the process so that she could receive the letting-go energy. She actually had a positive experience during the process, feeling like something had lifted and like she didn’t feel so heavy with her burden. She felt a small sense of relief and she was willing to open up to the possibility of change. I gave her home training for the letting-go process. I told her that she didn’t have to do anything but listen to the CD and breathe. We agreed to meet two weeks later.
Two weeks later she walked into the room with a very different energy than the last time that I had seen her. She shared with me that her back pain was a lot and that she had come to the realization of how much emotional pain she had been carrying around with her. She had come to many understandings within herself, in a natural way, as though some wall had come down. She was able to see and understand events differently, and because of this could let the pain go and move on.
She had been given a promotion in her job, and she could feel that there was something new inside of her: She now had a chance to be happy in her life.
This woman continued with the letting-go practice, and step by step, a lot of change took place in her life. The changes within her led to something more positive in her relationship, and she was able to begin to receive differently, and open up to different, more positive experiences in her life.
This is how letting-go energy works. The most powerful aspect of it is its ability to loosen the hold of old emotional baggage-the baggage that prevents us from being able to receive and move forward in our lives.
The Pleiadians through Christine Day

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