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who-were-you-in-a-past-lifePast life regressions are increasingly becoming a subject of interest in our society. The emergence of the Age of Aquarius brings with it the ability for people to accept themselves for who they are and to acknowledge that all the wisdom and knowledge they need lies deep within them.

An interest in esoteric topics is on the rise, and finding out about our past lives is one of them. If you would like to know a little more about your past lives and how accessing them can help you today, read on.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is intrinsically linked to reincarnation, a belief that dates back over a long period of history. It is the belief that when we die, our souls return to earth again in some form or another so that we may continue with the great ‘Lesson of Life,’ learning and growing as souls as we enter one life after the next. It is believed that after death, each soul meets with a Council of Elders who play their life back to them so the soul can see how they lived their life from birth right up to the time of departure.

If the soul did a good job and learned all the necessary life lessons, it will go up a ‘level’; if however, they allowed their defiant ego to get out of control and run amok, then the soul may have to return to earth once more to learn these lessons again.

Past life regression is the ability to tap into our past lives and see with our mind’s eye what happened to us in other lifetimes. The soul possesses DNA that keeps a record of all the lives we had before (a bit like a memory stick) and certain techniques and methods can help us access these records.

How Can Accessing Our Past Lives Help Us in the Present?

Not everyone wants to delve into their past lives, which is entirely understandable. Others, however, may feel an innate curiosity as to who they were before and what they did. Particularly where an individual is struggling with an aspect of their character that may have no other explanation for why and how they have it, seeking answers from a previous life can be helpful for them.

For example, I knew a woman who had always been extremely overprotective of her family ever since she was a young girl. No other member of her family had this dominant, overprotective streak. Since the age of 4, she could recall being terrified that her parents wouldn’t come home if they went out to dinner one evening.

She would chaperone her family members to the shops, even if it was just across the road from their home and it was still daylight; the area she lived in wasn’t particularly dangerous and at times her fears seemed irrational, even debilitating at times. Of course, it could have been an inherited trait or part of her character makeup, but were there other elements to it, too?

One day, out of curiosity, she decided to visit a past life regression therapist. The therapist guided her into a deep meditative state and the lady regressed back to a previous life where she was a male in his forties with two young children and a wife. While out hunting with some companions one day, the man returned to his village to find it burning to the ground. He ran to his home to discover his wife and children had been murdered by men on horseback. He then spent the next 10 years drinking before committing suicide.

The lady was understandably shaken by this experience, questioning whether it was real or not. Could it simply be her imagination? The regressionist explained to her that her soul had regressed back to the life that was having the most impact on her in this one, telling her that her lesson in this life was not to take her own life, no matter how horrifying things became.

The lady went away, pondering over what she had seen and heard; in time, she reached the conclusion that the life she saw had been a previous life, for she had also suffered from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts throughout her teen and adult life. Believing in this past life and understanding it subsequently helped her deal a little better with her negative thoughts and also gave clarity as to her overprotective streak for her family.

Of course, past life regression experiences are different for everyone and everyone must reach their own conclusions based on their own experiences. If they feel that delving into past lives is too frightening or will hinder them in some way, then it is best not to go down that path; if they feel that exploring previous lives can help them forge happier, peaceful futures then they are encouraged to give it a shot. It is all down entirely to the individual’s preference and what they feel in their heart is the right thing to do.

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Concluding Thoughts…

Past lives are still a mysterious phenomenon for many of us, but for many, seeking them out has been life-changing and very helpful in helping them craft a future with less negativity and a deeper understanding of one’s self. If you feel that exploring your soul’s DNA will be likewise helpful for you, then go with your intuition. It can be hard to hear sometimes, but it always leads us to the right place.

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