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Relationship Problem Past Lifes

Past Life Relationships and Current Relationships

Relationship Problem Past LifesMost of us know only too well the feeling of meeting someone for the very first time and sensing that they are very familiar to us. We may find ourselves inexplicably attracted to another (platonically, romantically, or sexually) – when on the surface, they would not be someone we’d normally be drawn to. Conversely, there are times we meet another and for no “same” reason, our intuition sends out a warning bell, or we instantly dislike the person, and sometimes our negative response to them is intensely physical.

It is likely that every single person we encounter during this lifetime was somehow involved with us in one of our past lives. Likely, in many of our past lives. Our parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family members, friends, enemies, work colleagues – all of them have walked the world with us before. (Bear in mind that we incarnate as both men and women, time and time again). Your mother may have been your child, best friend, or lover. Your father may have been your sibling, your employer, or your grandchild. Your teacher in this life may well have taught you many times before – or you them.

[column size=”col-6″]igns you have a strong past life connection with someone include either instant rapport or aversion this time around; a strong sense of déjà vu; actual recognition when you look into their eyes; or a very intense but short-lived relationship. You may always feel on edge around the person; they may be with you for your entire life (so consider carefully your family members or close family friends); you may have a shared passion, or share a very easy partnership. There may be unquenchable anger between you or feelings of fear, guilt, or even sexual attraction (often inappropriate). Finally, there may be past life flashbacks.[/column]
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The effects of these past life relationships can play out in this lifetime. Our Soul remembers everything, even if our conscious mind does not. Unresolved feelings and issues can follow and impact us for a lifetime after lifetime until they are resolved and released. Past life connections can be nurturing, or they can wreak havoc in this lifetime. We can have recurring themes and patterns which play out time and time again.

Past life regression can be incredibly helpful to reconcile and even release past life connections in this life where they need to be healed. It can help one understand past life connections, to know why we feel so strongly about certain people, to recognize soul mates and soul twins, to understand “unhealthy” relationships and heal them enough to release the karma attached to them, and to break the cycle of incarnating with other souls who bring “trouble” into our lives (and vice versa).

It is a privilege to be able to assist clients on their journey of discovery into their past lives for understanding and healing. Profoundly positive effects result from gleaning the deeper significance of current relationships and life patterns. Not just beneficial to healing in this life, clearing and releasing negative relationships now will benefit future incarnations as well – the positives are eternal.

At Healing Light, normally just one session is all that is needed, to show you how you interacted with and to help understand and heal relationships between people you know if that is a family member relationship, friendships or a love relationship. We do come back with people to know and grow with each lifetime. But a lot of times we forget them while in a physical body.

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I have helped many people release, cut the cords, removed energetic connections from an old relationship that are still affecting them now.  To move forward, the best way is to heal the past.  and also remember why you the type of people come into your life over and over again.

I am always amazed that the past life they are shown is just what they needed.  and the clients after the session real understand why as well.  they can be repeating the past, or it can be polar opposites.  but they always are in amazement after the session.



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