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Seeded for these Times

Destiny in the Making:

Seeded for these TimesDestiny in the Making:

Times are tough right now, especially for energy and lightworkers, as we feel the density being activated in society, a dark veil having been drawn across it. But we incarnated here exactly for these times, we were seeded for them. The frequencies you carry are an antidote to the darkness. When fully unleashed and expressed, they transform the surrounding energy field, which is the only place change can truly happen. What’s desperately needed right now on the planet is an elevation of consciousness…

When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong Here!

Many energy and lightworkers around the world are reporting just how tough things are out there for them right now. Particularly so within family relationships. Many of you originate in the stars, and have agreed to come here at these challenging times. And you’ve incarnated like leaves blown by the wind, to the four corners of the earth.

“Thus you often feel alone, and that those around you don’t reflect your true nature. This dynamic has been greatly heightened by the pandemic. You can see through the charade, where those around you have frequently contracted into fear, subjugation and the merciless control of the shadow state.

The challenge is where those around you become threatened by your expression of freedom and peace – they want you to be worrisome too, to protect their shields. This is where we need to stand strong, where we need to connect with our core star frequencies and let them shine through. These are the very resonances that will break this stranglehold on society.

For When You Feel Like a Misfit or Maverick in Society

The Light is Rippling Through

Have no doubt, we ARE succeeding. Although the mainstream media has denigrated itself as little more than propaganda for the shadow state, nevertheless, the truth is spreading, it is breaking through and rippling ever further afield. It’s inspired a plethora of alternative sites and channels to spring forth like flowers in springtime. And we will not be stopped!

Time of Light Upon Us

It’s crucial now for you to focus on your core being, through meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, aligned diet, and connection with nature, protecting your consciousness from spurious frequencies. You’ll keep coming back into the Void of Presence, and from there, your soul will burst forth and express out into the world.

“Especially whenever you are in a position of uncertainty and you don’t know which road to take, always by unleashing these essential aspects of being, you’ll prosper in the right choice – Right Action will happen all of its own accords.

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Our Destiny in the Making

So have faith, have courage, and be strong in your unique expression. Keep uncovering those new gems of soul frequency, for they are what will shift the balance on the planet right now, back towards the light. The revelation of the shadow state was necessary, to activate ancient human karma of subjugation and downgrading. It is encouraging a widespread reclamation of sovereignty. And this too will activate our hidden star soul frequencies, it will unleash our awesome beingness.

Have no doubt, this is our destiny in the making. And it will be spectacular. It is with this sentiment in my heart that I created this recent Openhand video for all you lightworkers out there: to meet you in your endeavours, and your life’s challenges, to inspire and uplift, to lighten the load…

Openhand About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating the enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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