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We are the Wandering souls the Volunteers

We are the Wandering souls, the Volunteers

We are the Wandering souls the VolunteersWe are the Wandering souls, the Volunteers. We are the ones who visit other stars and star systems in their hour of greatest need.
We dabble Sunshine wherever we go and sprinkle stardust on all those whose lives we touch.
So often we end up being the Wounded Healers, for we tend to open our hearts. We cannot bear to see other’s suffering, yet so very often end up suffering ourselves. Yet, strangely, it is through our own wounds that we heal others.
We often gaze upon this planet, in great puzzlement. We simply cannot understand why people want to fight or kill each other. When two parties fight, we tend to be caught in the middle, for somehow we always seem to see both sides of the coin.
We are the Peacemakers, the flower children. We love to frolic amongst nature at home in the veldt, we hug trees, we treasure flowers, we tend to take time to run barefoot in the rain and simply soak up the wonderful Art of Beingness that Nature provides in great abundant plentitude.
We love to run with wolves and we pick up the stray cats and dogs indeed, the stray people too. We love animals with a passion and cannot bear to see injury done to them. We tend to treat our pets as human beings and often love them more than do the two-legged ones.
We look at this whole planet and the way it is run, in great puzzlement. We simply do not feel at home here. Deep in the very recesses of our soul, we remember other, more evolved ways of Living and the sheer Art to SHINE.
We are the Lightbearers and the Warriors of Light. We are the ones that stem from way before time.
We are more than we ever let on. We simply KNOW more. Yet, seldom we share what is there with just anyone.
We are the sensitive we FEEL. We SEE with the eyes of the VISIONARY. We sense things we read the invisible language of the cosmic Masters. We are surrounded by myriad Beings of Light and Higher Hierarchy of Masters.
The world often calls us the FOOLS the ones who simply do not fit the norm. Then we smile and carry on walking the Path of the Fool, for the Fool’s Path always leads to wisdom and insight. It is the Path of Initiation into the Higher States of Consciousness and few have the guts to survive.
We are the Wanderers, the Volunteers.
We are the Angels in Disguise.
We are LOVE.
Judith Kusel

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