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Dear December

Dear December

Dear DecemberDear December,
This time last year the world was upside down and your merry & bright traditions were bittersweet, to say the least.
This year has been another hard one, and as the dark days descend, your light is needed more now than ever.
So, come on in December, and please bring with you the joy, the peace, the kindness and the connection we so very much need to continue our journey through this time.
Please let your festive graces warm our hardened hearts and remind us of what’s important – each other.
We truly do know now, the value of a hug, the importance of human connection and so we will not lose ourselves in the hustle, the bustle and the pantomime.
We will stay centred, with eyes on the prize.
Each other.
Dear December, I hope with all my heart that your light is not dimmed once more and that your majesty is allowed to shine through.
You bring us all together, in so many ways.
And we need that.
We are rooting for you December, shine on.
Donna Ashworth Words

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